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Maxar’s basemaps deliver improved resolution to Esri ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World project

Westminster, United States – Maxar Technologies, provider of comprehensive space solutions and secure, precise, geospatial intelligence, announced that Esri, the global provider in geographic systems (GIS) and location intelligence, will enhance the world imagery layer with higher resolution Maxar Vivid basemaps in the Living Atlas.

With the new, multiyear agreement, Esri will use Maxar’s Vivid basemaps to upgrade nearly half of the global landmass in Living Atlas from 1.2 m resolution to 60 cm resolution. This enhancement reflects a continued investment from the Esri Living Atlas team to bring the best quality, highest resolution imagery basemaps to ArcGIS online users for creating more accurate maps and making better decisions.

Esri’s Living Atlas is a collection of geographic information from around the globe, including maps, apps and data layers. ArcGIS users around the globe rely on the Living Atlas daily to create new derivative maps and data layers, to conduct environmental studies, and to build dashboards for tracking pandemics, among many other use cases.

“Maxar is proud to continue to license Vivid as the foundational data for the Living Atlas, which is used by so many organisations around the world,” says Dan Nord, Maxar senior vice president and general manager of enterprise earth intelligence. “Derived datasets and maps are only as good as the primary data source so we applaud Esri for choosing Maxar’s industry-leading basemaps for its subscribers.”

Over the past decade, Maxar has become the single largest provider of satellite imagery for Esri’s Living Atlas with Maxar’s Vivid basemaps providing the stunning, high-accuracy, global satellite imagery layer to support mapping, visualisation and analytics. Maxar supplies quarterly Vivid updates to keep ArcGIS and end users’ maps as current as possible.

“Esri’s ArcGIS system is more powerful for end users with Maxar’s satellite imagery serving as foundational data in Esri’s World Imagery offerings,” says Deane Kensok, chief technology officer for ArcGIS content at Esri.

These Maxar products are available in the Living Atlas:

  • Vivid standard is a high-resolution, high-accuracy and visually-consistent global imagery basemaps built with Maxar satellite imagery.
  • Vivid advanced upgrades vivid standard’s quality over select metropolitan areas with nearly cloud-free imagery basemaps.
  • NaturalVue 2.0 is an image mosaic that combines more than 60,000 Landsat 8 images to create a virtually cloud-free, 15 meter basemap that reflects the Earth’s true colors.
  • National urban change indicator (NUCI) is a commercial urban change detection product that highlights areas of new construction activity by isolating changes that persist over time, derived from more than 13,000 Landsat images.

A Vivid Standard sample of San Diego at 50 cm resolution is available for download via Maxar’s Resource Hub.

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