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Digitate’s intelligent AIOps platform achieves HIPAA and GDPR compliance

Santa Clara, United States. 27 July, 2022 – Digitate, a provider of SaaS-based autonomous enterprise software for IT and business operations, announced that it has achieved both HIPAA and GDPR compliance, guaranteeing that its artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) platform meets all regulatory standards for security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. The audits for both HIPAA and GDPR compliance were conducted by Deloitte Haskins & Sells, LLP.

Digitate is dedicated to delivering enterprise-grade AIOps that comply with global data privacy mandates and provide the highest standards of security to safeguard customer data. Achieving HIPAA and GDPR compliance for its portfolio of products highlights the breadth of security measures in place to deliver advanced solutions that meet the rigorous global data protection regulations and maintain strong cloud security.

“Maintaining a healthy and sustainable security and data privacy posture is paramount for today’s digital-first organisations. The sheer volume of data that enterprises create, manage, and store is growing exponentially, which drives a greater need for stringent data governance, security and compliance,” says Tejpal Chadha, global head of digital SaaS cloud & sybersecurity, Digitate. “In meeting the key regulatory standards of HIPAA and GDPR, and being SOC compliant, we are steadfast in our commitment to data security and privacy best practices, as well as building trust with our current and future customers.”

HIPAA compliance

The health insurance portability and accountability act (HIPAA) is the U.S. regulatory standard for health information security and privacy that requires software providers that collect and transmit protected healthcare data to adhere to HIPAA rules and implement safeguards to prevent unauthorised access or data breaches. By achieving HIPAA compliance, Digitate customers within the life science and healthcare sectors can confidently execute across key business processes while delivering privacy-first customer experiences that protect critical data and ensure continued legal compliance.

GDPR compliance

The general data protection regulation (GDPR) is the European Union’s (EU) regulatory requirement for organisations operating in or delivering services to the EU that collect, process, and store personal data. By achieving GDPR compliance, Digitate’s customers can rest assured that they are compliant with the strict privacy protection standards required within the EU.

In addition to achieving HIPAA and GDPR compliance, Digitate is also SOC 2 compliant, confirming that its data control objectives and activities meet the SOC 2 standards for security and confidentiality.

“Privacy compliance is a non-negotiable mandate for organisations. It’s also a foundational business strategy that customers appreciate and increasingly demand. Regulatory requirements for data privacy are only going to grow more complex over time so it makes sense to get proactive now,” says Valerie O’Connell, research director of enterprise management associates (EMA). “A comprehensive compliance program that aligns with business roadmaps drives both customer trust and business growth. It’s smart business in today’s privacy-aware world.”

To learn more about Digitate’s AIOps SaaS offerings and the security measures employed by Digitate to ensure your data compliance with industry standards, please visit the Trust Center at Digitate.

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