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FaceCake partners with Company.com to radically expand the availability of AR-enabled commerce

Bill Wade of Company.com

Los Angeles, USA. 27 July 2022 – FaceCake and Company.com have entered into a strategic partnership to give small and medium businesses, influencers and content creators ready access to FaceCake’s AI-Driven Augmented Reality Visual Commerce platform. This first-to-market AR “Self-Serve” capability will provide instant and easy sign-up options with automated onboarding, making the integration of FaceCake’s immersive AR technology a frictionless process, regardless of the size of the retailer or brand. The global launch of the AR Self-Serve platform is expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2022.

FaceCake’s patented AI/AR Shopping platform and scalable AR product creation will be leveraged with the Company.com Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for an even broader reach. Company.com’s DXP includes client onboarding, automated marketing and billing, and identity and access management. Retailers and brands will be provided with intuitive dashboard-like features to easily access the latest in FaceCake’s real-time AI/AR offering.

“This partnership will make FaceCake’s AR Try-On experiences even more accessible to retailers, brands and content creators,” says Linda Smith, CEO and founder of FaceCake. “Democratising our AI/AR Shopping platform and allowing for the ubiquity of our personalised Virtual Try-On, meeting the expectations of consumers today.”

The offering includes FaceCake’s wide range of AR Virtual Try-On in product categories like glasses, cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, accessories, shoes and more. FaceCake’s highly realistic try-before-you-buy AR exponentially increases shopper engagement and conversion rates while decreasing returns. Now these benefits will be seamlessly accessible by all.

“This is an exciting new application of our platform, and the technology is right in our wheelhouse,” comments Company.com founder and CEO Bill Wade. “We’ve spent years delivering offerings that bring enterprise functionality to small and middle market businesses, ultimately benefitting our customers and end users alike. Our partnership with FaceCake takes all of that to the next level.”

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