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TruEra teams with Intel to improve AI model quality, helping enterprises accelerate business impact of AI

Redwood City, California, 2 August 2022 – TruEra, which provides the suite of AI Quality management solutions for managing model performance, explainability, and societal impact, announced today a new collaboration with Intel that will help enterprises improve AI model quality and accelerate the business impact of AI.

The combination of TruEra software and Intel hardware helps enterprises assess AI model quality quickly and collect critical data to refine models over time for optimal performance.

TruEra and Intel helping companies understand AI quality, faster

As part of the Intel Disruptor Programme, TruEra and Intel are collaborating to accelerate AI Quality analytics and explainable AI on Intel platforms. The two companies are creating integrated solutions and deployment options, by integrating TruEra AI Quality and AI explainability analytics into end-to-end data pipeline workflows and reference architectures on the latest 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors with built-in AI accelerators. These workflows will be published on the Intel DevCloud. TruEra will also integrate with, an Intel Company, the flexible AI and Machine Learning platform for running AI solutions across infrastructures.

“There are many contributors to measuring and managing AI quality,” says Will Uppington, co-founder and CEO of TruEra. “Certainly TruEra’s software is critical, and so is the platform it runs on. Running AI applications is very workload intensive, as is TruEra’s analysis of those underlying ML models. We are proud to be part of Intel’s Disruptor program, where we can work together to ensure that customers are getting the insights that they need quickly, to drive better model performance.”

“AI Quality and explainability have emerged as huge hurdles for enterprises, ones that often prevent them from achieving a return on their AI investments,” says Arijit Bandyopadhyay, CTO enterprise analytics & AI, head of strategy enterprise & cloud, data centre and artificial intelligence group at Intel Corporation. “In teaming with TruEra, Intel is helping to remove those hurdles by enabling enterprises to access AI evaluation, testing and monitoring capabilities that can help them leverage AI for measurable business impact.”

TruEra addresses the next big challenge of AI the quality challenge. TruEra’s solutions help ensure model quality by providing key model evaluation and performance analytics in the development phase, and then monitoring in live use to ensure rapid debugging and optimal ongoing performance. Due to this unique, full lifecycle approach to model quality, TruEra has been selected as the preferred vendor by multiple Fortune 1000 companies.

In March 2022, the company was named to the Fast Company World Changing Ideas list for the second year in a row. In June 2021, TruEra was named a “Cool Vendor” by expert analysts at Gartner, Inc in the report, “Cool Vendors in AI Governance and Responsible AI.” Members of the company also serve on advisory boards for the Bank of England and the Monetary Authority of Singapore, among other government agencies.

TruEra will host a technical session at Intel Innovation 2022, Intel’s technical conference for global developers, architects and engineering leaders, September 27-28 in San Jose, California.

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