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Veritone Redact integrates with AINS FOIAXpress to drive efficiency at federal agencies

Veritone, Inc., creator of aiWARE, a hyper-expansive enterprise AI platform, and AINS, LLC, the provider in low-code, specialised case management software for government, announced a strategic partnership to enable public institutions to automate the redaction of sensitive information within audio, video, and image-based records and increase transparency by expediting the release of public records requests.

As part of this collaborative partnership, AINS is integrating the aiWARE-powered Veritone Redact application into its FOIAXpress solution for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and management. This new-to-industry solution will enhance the automation of the public records request workflow – from request intake and the redaction of personally identifiable information (PII) to the release of the final redacted audio and video back to the requestor – saving both government agencies and the requesting professionals time, money and resources.

“The Federal Government processes more than 800,000 FOIA requests annually, many of which now draw on significant volumes of audio and video data collected and stored by government agencies,” says Howard Langsam, chief executive officer, AINS. “Prior to using our solution, multimedia redaction processes were slow and costly. Now, when files are requested, FOIAXpress customers can redact sensitive information quickly and cost-effectively. With the integration of Veritone Redact into our platform, AINS is poised to help our government customers – who are present across all 15 federal executive departments – solve the challenges of responding to an overwhelming number of records requests, as well as the need to remain accountable and compliant with FOIA privacy laws.”

By enhancing FOIAXpress with Veritone Redact, AINS customers will experience expedited video and audio file requests, which have increased in volume dramatically with new technologies such as surveillance cameras. 

“Surveillance technologies help monitor and improve government agency operations, but they also bring a tremendous amount of audio and video data, which must be sorted through when redacting sensitive information,” says Jon Gacek, general manager, aiWARE Enterprise for Veritone. “AINS is trusted by the world’s top government agencies to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, including public records requests, which is why integrating best-in-class technologies into its FOIAXpress platform is critical. Selecting Veritone Redact reflects AINS’ commitment and vision to help shape the future of work with big ideas that challenge conventional thinking and solve complex organisational challenges with a new approach.”

Built on Veritone’s proven aiWARE enterprise platform, Veritone Redact enables users to manually define sensitive imagery and objects, then automatically redacts this information from audio, video, and image-based evidence. From there, the redacted evidence can quickly be downloaded with logs to support chain of custody requirements and shared with colleagues, public defenders, or other key stakeholders. It also enables searches for keywords and phrases captured within the recorded audio and quick redaction of those items.

To learn more, visit Veritone and AINS.

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