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Datavant partners with Premier’s PINC AI applied sciences division to deliver improved quality of care

1 September 2022 – Datavant, a specialist in helping organisations securely connect health data, and PINC AI Applied Sciences (PAS), a division of PINC AI, the technology and services platform of Premier, Inc., today announced a collaboration to compliantly link real-world data. These robust datasets include detail on treatments, procedures, and devices used during inpatient or outpatient visits, linked to other sources such as claims and mortality, to generate insights on patient care and cost variability.

PAS will use Datavant Switchboard and Privacy Hub to connect, certify and license or provide research services on linked tokensied datasets for life sciences and health system partners. This ensures data compliance while also enabling organisations to receive fit-for-purpose data that can be used to understand patient treatment and outcomes in healthcare settings. As the cost of healthcare continues to rise, the ability to capture granular insights around patient care during inpatient and outpatient visits, and linking that to other patient data, is important for improving the standard of care.

“This partnership with Datavant is pivotal in allowing us to securely link our PHD with other real-world datasets providing a longitudinal view into the patient journey,” says Myla Maloney, chief commercial officer, PINC AI Applied Sciences. “Our life sciences and health system partners will benefit from access to this connected, fit-for-purpose data that will help them evaluate therapy effectiveness, quality and cost of care.”

“We are partnering with Datavant to strengthen and increase the use cases for our data capabilities,” says Denise Juliano, group vice president, PINC AI Applied Sciences. “Together, we are enabling access to robust data sets to accelerate innovation, implementation of evidence-based best practices and generation of insights to drive meaningful improvement and measurement of patient outcomes.”

“We are thrilled to support Premier as they expand their data linkage and analytics capabilities through PINC AI,” says Travis May, founder of Datavant. “There is a deep need across healthcare for a more complete view of the patient journey, which is critical for novel insights and for improved patient outcomes. By connecting disparate datasets while preserving patient privacy, our partnership will help improve quality and reduce the cost of care.”

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