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Human Horizons launches the ultra-futuristic digital GT, HiPhi Z

5 September 2022 – Industry specialist in new mobility and intelligent driving, Human Horizons, has officially launched its second flagship vehicle, the ultra-futuristic digital GT, HiPhi Z. The high-tech and ultra-luxurious car is aimed at “forward-thinking creators”, combining the latest in technological innovation with all the comforts of a luxury vehicle under the new market segment of TECHLUXE. The HiPhi Z was officially launched on August 26th and has started accepting orders.

Reservations for test-driving the HiPhi Z are also officially open for interested customers, with drives available from October 1st. The company has also stated that, users who choose to pre-order their HiPhi Z in 2022, will be able to receive additional benefits as a thank you for their continued support of the brand. Following the success of the HiPhi X, which was the first domestic product to break into the top sales position for luxury electric cars in China, the HiPhi Z targets ‘young’, independently minded contemporary creators who believe in pushing boundaries, and bravely pursuing the future. Price of the HiPhi Z starts between $88,000-91,000 and production of the HiPhi Z is expected to begin later in 2022.

Speaking at the official launch of the HiPhi Z, Ding Lei, founder, CEO, and chairman of HiPhi, says, “At Human Horizons, we are obsessed with thinking about the future; it motivates us and steers us towards our goals. We believe that the future holds many incredible advances for humanity, and we want to support the growth of technology in a way that helps make life more enjoyable and convenient. The HiPhi range is a chance for us to bring a piece of the future into the modern world, raise the standards of the automobile industry, and create a completely driving experience.”

True to the futuristic vision, the HiPhi Z is aesthetically refined with a V-shaped front hood, as well as the world’s first wrap-around Star-Ring ISD light curtain on a passenger vehicle consisting of 5,051 individual LEDs which can interact with passengers, drivers, and the world around it. In addition, the exterior features active air grille shutters (AGS) which connect with the rear spoiler and wing to automatically adjust vehicle drag and reduce lift for improved overall performance. The finished product is a clean, sleek, and fluid design made available in 6 different customisable colors of Nephrite Grey, Quartz Grey, Pearl White, Khaki Green, Smokey Blue and New White that stand apart from rivals in both performance and style.

The HiPhi Z’s autonomous performance is supported the HiPhi Pilot System which enables assisted driving and parking, as well as smart summon using the smartphone app. The ADAS system is built around an NVIDIA Orin X chip + QNX Neutrino real-time operating system (RTOS) and utilises 34 sensors and LiDAR technology to constantly scan the surrounding environment. In addition, the software ensures a high degree of safety with dual redundancy for the six major systems of computing, perception, communication, braking, steering, and power supply.

The HiPhi Z will appear alongside the HiPhi X as Human Horizons’ dual flagship model, embodying the company’s focus of bringing futuristic cars to life with connected, intelligent, and advanced technology. Both models will serve as leaders in the development of China’s new energy market, popularising HiPhi as a leading electric vehicle brand in the high-end luxury segment. With regards to Human Horizons’ broader goals, the HiPhi brand fits within the company’s ‘3-Smart’ strategic blueprint to support the development of smart cars, smart transportation, and smart cities, underpinning a smarter and more technologically sophisticated future.

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