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New RICOH Supervisor and RICOH ProcessDirector integration turns operational data into actionable business intelligence

Exton, United States – Ricoh USA, Inc., announced the integration of RICOH Supervisor and RICOH ProcessDirector to empower clients with advanced data analytics that unleashes the value of their information via customisable dashboards. This integration enables visibility down to the document level, including production volume as well as printer and inserter operator activities. With it, clients can identify trends, detect production bottlenecks and gain actionable insights to help produce consistent output accurately and efficiently.

Connecting RICOH ProcessDirector and RICOH Supervisor empowers clients to use historical data to generate trend reports for capacity planning, production optimisation and operator productivity. With this integration, these previously separate tools unite to bring actionable and measurable improvements to operational workflows that can impact business growth and customer satisfaction.

RICOH Supervisor™ and RICOH ProcessDirector™ in monitor integration.

RICOH ProcessDirector is the vendor-agnostic workflow automation solution designed to capture, transform, and manage data and processes. It streamlines operations, optimises productivity, increases profitability and helps achieve maximum output integrity for organisations in markets including finance, insurance, retail, manufacturing, education and commercial printers. It is built on flexibility and scalability, offered with both subscription and perpetual pricing options.

Vendor-agnostic for both production printers and software, RICOH Supervisor provides operational data visualisation to help print organisations assess equipment utilisation and performance, eliminate manual data collection and understand throughput to plan for peak capacity and business growth. Offered exclusively through a software as-a-service (SaaS) model, RICOH Supervisor leverages Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to provide the organisation-wide data visibility needed to drive strategic decisions and investments, eliminating the need for large, upfront IT investments and long-term contracts.

“Today, information brings more intelligence for more areas of business than ever before. Organisations that unlock the power of that information will better serve their customers and grow their business at the same time,” says Chris Reid, vice president, deputy GM digital services business centre, Ricoh. “The integration of ProcessDirector and RICOH Supervisor uniquely transforms data insights accurately, securely and efficiently to empower decision makers to confidently make the crucial, informed decisions they need to stay ahead of the competition.”

To learn more about a free trial, please visit Ricoh or contact your local Ricoh representative. For more information about Ricoh’s production print solutions, click here or follow the company’s social media channels on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn

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