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Empower AI launches AI solution set to supercharge digital transformation initiatives

Reston, United States – Empower AI (formerly NCI Information Systems), a provider of artificial intelligence and other technologies to U.S. government agencies, announced that it has launched a set of new AI solutions that will provide federal technology leaders with the power to swiftly transform existing programs into future-ready systems.

The AI solution set, called Empower AI Develops, leverages natural language processing, machine learning, and hyperautomation capabilities to rapidly analyse and define the current state of an agency’s IT systems, including existing or future computer code. It then provides precise guidance on the best path forward to accelerate accurate and secure development with AI in an immersive experience that augments and enhances human developers. As a result, Empower AI Develops accelerates rapid modernisation while minimising disruption and risk for federal agencies.

“One of the biggest concerns we hear from our federal customers is the volume of code, the lack of documentation, and the potential vulnerabilities in their IT systems,” says Paul Dillahay, president and CEO of Empower AI. “Every agency has a challenge, to some degree, with legacy code built by many generations of developers and methodologies. Over time, security methods that were used in that code become vulnerable or provide other risks, which can lead to poor performance or even larger concerns.”

To address this challenge and others facing federal IT leaders, Dillahay says Empower AI technologists wanted to create a solution that enabled federal leaders to quickly understand the complete picture of their assets and vulnerabilities in their own environment, and then use AI to help them analyse and develop new code in a fraction of the time and cost it would take human developers, while decreasing the risk introduced by traditional modernisation efforts.

“This set of solutions will help federal technology leaders accelerate their modernisation initiatives by shortening software development cycles to minimise disruption and risk,” Dillahay says.

The Empower AI Develops product suite includes:

  • Code analyser: Uses natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and a set of proprietary algorithms to perform a comprehensive analysis and report on any existing code.
  • Code programmer: Reviews and ingests any existing codebase using DevSecOps methodology. Once the codebase has been evaluated and documented, the AI Code Programmer tools generate refactored, object-oriented code and/or entirely new code from natural language function descriptions.
  • Infrastructure developer: Creates code with integration into the continuous integration / continuous development pipeline, allowing for connections into help desk applications, as well as DevSecOps components and other CI/CD pipeline software while integrating approved static and variable security tools.

Dillahay notes that additional solutions in the Empower AI Develops product suite are being tested now that will help federal leaders on other legacy code challenges, including code refactoring and story programming. All elements of the new product will help federal IT leaders elevate their mission-critical programs using proven AI technologies at scale.

“In addition to helping agencies modernise their code and documentation quickly, these solutions will also help agencies realise gains from investments they’ve made in the cloud or other security enhancements,” Dillahay says. “We’re really looking forward to helping them advance their missions and performance in a cost-effective way.”

For more information about Empower AI Develops, or to request a demonstration of how it works, visit Empower AI.

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