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RealTerm Energy supports efforts to deploy AI-powered HVAC technology in 4 school districts across Wisconsin

Madison, United States – RealTerm Energy, a North American provider in smart lighting, smart city, and smart building solutions for schools and municipalities, announced that they have been awarded [$199,644 (201625.47)] in partnership with four Wisconsin school districts to provide Artificial Intelligence technology to help automate HVAC operations. This energy innovation grant from the public service commission of Wisconsin (PSC) office of energy innovation will create a opportunity for four school districts in Wisconsin to reduce energy costs, lower their carbon footprint, and provide healthier classrooms for their occupants.

For public K-12 school districts, energy bills are the second largest expense following teacher salaries, totaling up to about [$8 billion (€8.08 billion)] per year. A report by the government accountability office (GAO) found that 36,000 schools nationwide need HVAC improvements with over 50% of the schools they visited having HVAC-related issues. By making these much-needed energy efficiency upgrades, schools can reduce their energy bills and decrease their carbon footprint while improving indoor air quality.

“With this unique opportunity, we will be able to give these school districts a much deeper insight by helping to make their buildings run smarter, greener, and more efficiently,” says Dave Beatty, senior director of the campus division, at RealTerm Energy.

The four school districts in Wisconsin, including Mauston, La Crosse, Sparta, and Shorewood, are implementing smart building technology to improve energy efficiency. RealTerm Energy will provide BrainBox AI technology which overlays a building’s current building management system (BMS) to optimise energy savings and improve comfort. Brainbox AI can enhance HVAC equipment to be preemptive by using artificial intelligence, deep learning, and cloud computing.

“We are excited about the opportunity to support Wisconsin school districts through this energy grant program and partner with RealTerm Energy on the BrainBox solution,” says Fusebox’s co-founder and vice president Scott Pierce.

“In reducing our energy usage, it [the school districts energy efficiency and demand response collaboration project] not only benefits our planet, but reduces the amount of money spent on utilities so that we can focus that money on providing resources towards the education of our students,” says Sue Goyette, business manager of Mauston School District.

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