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Fractus and the UPC create a technological hub to develop “deep tech” solutions

Barcelona, Spain – Fractus and the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaTech (UPC) have agreed to create the Fractus-UPC Deep Tech Hub, a centre of research activities where deep tech technologies will be designed and improved, with the aim of developing disruptive technological solutions based on scientific challenges with great potential and social impact. Fractus is spin-offs that emerged from the UPC.

The Fractus-UPC Deep Tech Hub will concentrate talent development, training, innovation, research and technology transfer activities, and will actively and strategically contribute to the creation of UPC start-ups and/or spin-offs in the field of deep tech, founded on a scientific discovery or a technological innovation, with the purpose of promoting its access to the market. The deep tech field encompasses the development of disruptive solutions based on deep technologies linked to science or advanced engineering, to respond to global challenges.

The agreement, signed on September 13th, by the dean of the UPC, Daniel Crespo, and the president and CEO of Fractus, Rubén Bonet, foresees that the activities of the hub are aimed at responding to current challenges through scientific and technological advances significant, while promoting research, innovation and knowledge transfer in areas such as mobility and logistics, materials, sustainability, urban planning, information and communication, biomedical engineering and environmental and energy technologies . The emerging areas of quantum computing, photonics, artificial intelligence, cyber security, robotics, electronics and advanced materials are some of the areas on which the activity of this hub will be focused.

The activities of the hub will also promote the UPC’s R+D+I in the deep tech field through industrial doctorates, collaborations in research and innovation projects, the promotion of research lines or the development of workshops, as well as the incubation and acceleration of companies, among others. It is also planned to promote innovation challenges, prizes and forums aimed at students, as well as end-of-degree and master’s theses in this field.

Deep Tech Cluster

The UPC is one of the main deep tech clusters in Europe, with a powerful core of research groups that research and develop technological innovation in this field and from which several spin-offs and start-ups have emerged, such as Fractus. Led by Carles Puente who is also a professor at the Telecom Engineering School of Barcelona (ETSETB) at the UPC and Ruben Bonet, the company is a pioneer in the development of internal antenna technology for mobile phones, tablets and other wireless devices in the Internet of Things, specialising in new applications of fractal technology and other emerging technologies.

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