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Eurotech announces the IEC 62443-4-2 security certified edge AI gateway

Amaro, Italy – Eurotech, a provider of embedded computing systems and provider in internet of things (IoT) enablement, announces its newest public transportation Edge AI solutions certified for Road & Rail vehicles to enable the next generation of mobility applications.

The DynaGATE 10-14 expands the traditional rugged edge gateway concept with accelerated AI and computer vision capabilities, enabling the most demanding Edge and in-vehicle computing applications in a device certified for Road Transportation deployment.

dynapcn-10-30: DynaPCN 10-30 automatic passener counter

The product is designed to accelerate application integration and time-to-market of connected transportation solutions and complies with the Information Technology for Public Transport (ITxPT) industry standard.

The DynaGATE 10-14 comes with the open everyware software framework (ESF), an enterprise-ready IoT middleware that accelerates the integration within the vehicle infrastructure and provides MQTT connectivity, web-based visual data flow programming and device management.

DynaPCN 10-30

The DynaPCN 10-30 is a turnkey automatic passenger counter (APC) appliance that is designed and certified for Road and Rail Vehicle deployments.

dynagate-10-14-1: DynagATE 10-14 edge AI gateway

Carlo Tanzi, CEO of ATS Sistemi – a company that has been using our previous generation of passenger counters – comments: “We have chosen Eurotech’s Passenger Counter IoT System as it guarantees high accuracy and reliability. We have successfully installed over 1000 PCNs per year on public transport in Italy in the last 5 years”.

“Safety, efficiency and automation in public transportation are key to create sustainable mobility in modern society, even more now with increasing energy costs” says Giancarlo Cutrignelli, head of product management at Eurotech. “Our new DynaGATE 10-14 and DynaPCN 10-30 fully embody our vision to enable growth in critical industries like road, railway and next-gen mobility transportation through scalable, flexible, open and yet easy to deploy edge computing infrastructure”.

With DynaGATE 10-14 and DynaPCN 10-30, Eurotech dramatically simplifies roll-outs and reduces the total cost of ownership for large-scale edge AI deployments in Public Transport and Road Vehicles.

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