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Epoxy.ai debuts sports gaming and media analysis solution

Berwyn, United States – Epoxy.ai – the provider in artificial intelligence (AI) driven sports technology announced the commercial launch of the gaming sports media and betting specific insights platform, Audience Cloud.

Epoxy’s Audience Cloud is a sports gaming and media analysis solution utilising purpose-built AI to provide an ongoing view of sports fan behavior. Audience Cloud provides gaming operators and sports media entities with critical data to help them understand how their users are engaging with their products over time – as consumers change with seasonality and their fandom evolves.

“The whole idea is to provide our customers with the ability to look holistically at sports fan behavior and use that understanding to better and more efficiently support acquisition, retention and retargeting,” says Chris Reynolds, chief executive officer of Epoxy.ai.

Continues Reynolds: “To do this, you need to look at a broad base of users across a wide variety of variables and that is exactly what our Audience Cloud does. By merging key traits across related behaviors of fans such as sports viewing patterns and history, betting behavior and level of fandom, we can then better predict future behavior and also use this data to find “look alike” fans who would have a high propensity to react to specific forms of fan engagement.”

Audience cloud continuously ingests various sources of user telemetry, such as betting, viewership history and many other contextual cues. This flow of user actions and context generates a dynamic set of discrete clusters that changes along with the evolving patterns as subject to seasonality and client presentation. Through use of MAIDs, IP addresses and other IDs, Epoxy.ai uses its integrations with data marketplaces and repositories to find those users and glean a wide variety of common attributes shared by each profile.

Recently, Epoxy.ai began the beta commercial launch of its technology within the betPARX sports betting experience.

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