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Gong introduces the user-trainable AI system for deep understanding of customer conversations

Palo Alto, United States – Gong, the revenue intelligence provider, launched Smart Trackers, the user-trainable AI system for deep understanding of customer conversations. Smart Trackers enable customer-facing teams to identify deal risks and opportunities, understand the effectiveness of strategic initiatives, replicate best practices, and get ahead of emerging market needs. Smart Trackers, patent-pending and embedded within the Gong Reality Platform, deliver up to three times more accuracy compared to legacy keyword trackers.

Using AI and machine learning, Smart Trackers go beyond keyword recognition to understand the context of all customer interactions captured and analysed in Gong’s platform. They are hyper-personalised, allowing customer-facing teams to tailor them to their business, market, and priorities. Smart Trackers pick up on different ways a concept can be communicated (e.g., a buyer might ask for a discount by asking “Can I get a better price?” or “Can you go any lower?”) without having to be an exact match. Smart Trackers then surface insights to help sales leaders and reps identify and double-down on what’s working and quickly adjust or eliminate what’s not. 

Measuring the effectiveness of strategic initiatives, such as new product launches, messaging, and pricing campaigns is notoriously difficult for revenue teams. According to a recent Harvard Business review study, more than 50% of sales leaders think their existing solutions for measuring the success of initiatives are too difficult. Today, revenue teams rely on keyword searches that hunt in pools of lagging data, and anecdotal and incomplete information from sales reps manually entered into CRM systems. 

“In the past, we would make up phrases that we assumed would come up in conversations,” says Fizza Zaman, business intelligence analyst at CoreLogic Solutions. “There was no data or method to it. Having Smart Trackers is a game changer for us because now we have a tracker in the background that’s doing all the work and is accurate. We can now get impactful insights without doing all the heavy lifting.”

“For many organisations, keyword trackers operate like a sprinkler, spraying terms all over data that is often inaccurate and stale,” says Gong co-founder and chief product officer Eilon Reshef. “Smart Trackers set a new precedent, putting the power of AI in the hands of revenue teams to quickly and accurately identify customer sentiment, trends coming up in conversations, and the impact of key initiatives. The result is quick, better decision-making to optimise revenue potential.” 

Smart Trackers can be set up quickly and easily, reducing the laborious fine-tuning and quality assurance necessary for keyword trackers. Additionally, with the increased accuracy, Smart Trackers produce a more substantial payoff for teams, with more timely and valuable insights, at scale. Smart Trackers are available in Gong’s new Initiatives dashboard, giving revenue leaders one place to measure field adoption and pipeline impact of strategic initiatives

For more information about Gong’s Smart Trackers, please visit here.

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