Monitoring with fully managed service on AWS is simplified, says VictoriaMetrics - The EE

Monitoring with fully managed service on AWS is simplified, says VictoriaMetrics

Database monitoring solution, VictoriaMetrics, has now released Managed VictoriaMetrics on AWS Marketplace. The release marks an addition to the company’s core open source offering, which users install, configure and optimise themselves. 

Instead, Managed VictoriaMetrics allows users to leverage a ‘production ready’ version of the solution in AWS, completely maintained by the startup’s support team. This slashes the complexity of monitoring for businesses, freeing them up from diverting resources to DevOps tasks such as configuration, maintenance, logs collection, software updates and backups.

Keeping monitoring simple 

As demand for time-series database monitoring soars, VictoriaMetrics has surpassed 65 million docker pulls, one million GitHub downloads, and 7,000+ GitHub Stars for its open source solution. Large enterprises such as Adidas, Open Cosmos and Semrush are all members of its thriving community.

However, despite the market’s willingness to embrace monitoring, the complexity associated with installing and configuring open source solutions has been a stumbling block for certain organisations. Many businesses lack in-house engineering capabilities or resources to run unique installations of the solution.

Roman Khavronenko, co-founder of VictoriaMetrics says, “Our open source model provides businesses with the freedom to tailor our solution to their specific needs. However, it requires dedicated teams to support, keep healthy and up to date. A large chunk of the market wants monitoring to ‘just work’ for them from day one – putting data in, getting data out. Through Managed VictoriaMetrics, we remove complexity, leveraging our in-house expertise, and allowing us to provide a more granular level of support for users” 

Solving the cost of scale

Roman Khavronenko

As the amount of data within organisations skyrockets, the cost of scaling monitoring is a major concern for many businesses. Managed VictoriaMetrics builds on VictoriaMetrics’ core scalability through its pricing structure, which offers no additional costs as throughput increases.

“Costs for the solution are easy to plan upfront, since they don’t depend on unexpected changes in workload such as spikes in data ingestion rate, spikes in active time series or spikes in heavy queries. The cost depends only on actual used compute resources the configured instance type, the requested disk size and network egress bandwidth usage,” adds Khavronenko.

Scalability lies at the heart of VictoriaMetrics’ ethos and Managed VictoriaMetrics instances can be scaled up or scaled down in a few clicks. The product can also be used as Managed Prometheus, seamlessly integrating with the popular monitoring system.

Co-founders Roman Khavronenko, Artem Navoiev, and Dima Lazerka will all be in attendance at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2022 to detail the explosive growth in use cases for time series data and how Managed VictoriaMetrics opens up monitoring to all businesses, regardless of size.

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