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Deloitte selects Veritone aiWARE to advance its AI practice

Denver, United States – Veritone, Inc., creator of aiWARE, a hyper-expansive enterprise AI platform, announced it has been selected by Deloitte to advance its AI practice focused on helping clients manage and process massive amounts of structured and unstructured data.

The master reseller agreement with Veritone expands the existing eDiscovery-focused reseller agreement to provide AI software and services across Deloitte’s service offerings. Deloitte will integrate Veritone’s aiWARE Enterprise AI platform with its existing CortexAI platform to enable rapid discovery and management of text, audio, video, images, radar and IoT data.

Searching, analysing, and managing large data volumes – including hours of recorded audio and video footage – is costly and time-consuming. Additional challenges are introduced when discovery is required across text, audio, and video data sources, and across numerous platforms and international borders. An enterprise AI platform is required to efficiently and securely obtain key information and keep up with the constantly expanding data landscape.

“By combining Veritone’s aiWARE Enterprise AI platform with Deloitte’s deep industry experience, we can further help our joint clients implement innovative AI solutions to address their most complex business problems,” says Dilip Krishna, managing director and CortexAI chief product officer at Deloitte Consulting LLP. “Integrated with our CortexAI platform, Veritone aiWARE offers rapid access to AI models and unstructured data, allowing for greater flexibility to deploy in the public cloud, private cloud or in a highly secured air gapped environment. We are thrilled to expand our relationship with Veritone to help our clients accelerate their AI transformation journeys.”

Veritone’s aiWARE platform is a operating system for AI that orchestrates a diverse ecosystem of machine learning (ML) models to transform audio, video, text and other data sources into actionable intelligence. With hundreds of supported existing models, and the ability to onboard virtually any new cognitive or predictive model, aiWARE can support a wide array of cognition and automation including text, speech, vision, data, biometrics and audio. aiWARE makes it easy for developers to rapidly build, scale, and operationalise AI-enabled applications, helping organisations acquire, analyse and act on hard-to-reach data and automate content-centric processes for greater business efficiency and insight. Unlike point solutions, aiWARE offers a full stack of ingestion adapters, best-of-breed AI models, a data lake, low-code workflow and integration tools and vertical applications that accelerate enterprise AI implementation and adoption.

“Teaming with Deloitte further demonstrates Veritone’s domain expertise while validating our AI enterprise vision,” says Jon Gacek, general manager of Veritone’s aiWARE Enterprise business unit. “Veritone’s aiWARE platform allows Deloitte to take off-the-shelf applications that we’ve developed and utilise those to service the unique needs of its clients. It also gives Deloitte the ability to develop its own applications to customise solutions for virtually any use case, including onboarding new AI models that can be managed within the platform itself. With aiWARE, organisations can level up their pre-built and ready-to-deploy capabilities to deliver fully customised AI solutions, scalable to their needs.”

Veritone’s aiWARE can be easily deployed in a public or private cloud, on-premises, in a hybrid deployment environment, or a network-isolated environment where video, audio and text content lives, performing content ingestion, cognitive processing and output extraction and integration with other in-network systems. If faster time-to-value and lower initial cost is important, aiWARE can be deployed in the AWS or Azure commercial or government clouds.

For more information, visit Veritone.

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