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Connect America Home AI-enabled platform provides secure, non-intrusive, continuous monitoring

Connect America, the nationally recognised specialist in connective care technology to empower seniors and vulnerable populations to age gracefully in place has announced several enhancements to its Connect America Home platform. This AI-enabled digital health and safety platform provides secure, non-intrusive, continuous monitoring with emergency and non-emergency support to help everyone live safely, independently, and well at home.

Connect America launches a Care Alert Service, which quickly and securely sends hospital check-in and admission notifications to caregivers, loved ones and healthcare providers to close gaps in a patient’s care circle. When a patient is admitted to a hospital, a near real-time notification is sent to approved caregivers via the Medical Alert Connect app and via SMS text informing them of the patient’s name along with contact information for the appropriate hospital. The new Connect America Care Alert Service is delivered through a strategic partnership with HealthShare Exchange (HSX), a health information data sharing platform serving patients in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania with plans for additional roll-out of the service across the nation.

Connect America also announced today that its Connect America Home platform has been enhanced with the ability to capture movement and activity, such as daily steps, through its member-worn Personal Emergency Response Service (PERS) device. The company is also launching an “Away Service,” which uses geofencing to set parameters that alert a care circle when a loved one is outside a specific area. These powerful insights on member/patient movement help support early identification and better intervention for individuals at-risk of experiencing falls, mild cognitive impairment, or other mobility-related issues. The company said this new capability is fueling forthcoming service innovations in falls prevention and other key areas.

Additionally, Connect America is using the Uber Health platform to provide Non-Emergency Medical Transportation to patients who can request a ride by contacting a Connect America call centre. Patients need not have access to a smartphone, the Uber app or even a credit card. The Connect Rides solution enables the company to address Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) by helping members with improved access to important non-emergency medical care, food, vital services, and social connections and ultimately help achieve greater health equity for underserved populations.

“The vast majority of seniors want to age gracefully at home, but providers, payers, and caregivers often struggle to obtain insights into seniors’ health, adherence, and engagement, to empower them to do so,” says Janet Dillione, CEO, Connect America. “We are proud to announce the latest enhancements to the Connect America Home platform including some home health which help healthcare organizations and all who are caring for an aging loved one to surround them with the support they need.”

“At HealthShare Exchange, we are committed to providing a secure health data sharing platform that enables preventative and cost-effective healthcare, improves the overall quality of patient care and facilitates seamless care transitions,” says Martin Lupinetti, president and CEO, HealthShare Exchange (HSX). “We are excited about our strategic partnership with Connect America as this supports this level of health data sharing with focus on the home care delivery model.”

Connect America Home is a first-to-market solution that integrates innovations in personal emergency response services (PERS) and remote patient monitoring (RPM) with a suite of supporting services into a single platform, including AI-enabled virtual health assistance and SDoH support. The integrated platform includes robust data and analytics that help providers understand critical changes in an individual’s health, activity, and mobility, enabling more informed clinical decision-making, smarter interventions, and fewer adverse events. The result is dramatically better outcomes, lower care costs and extended quality of life.

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