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Lunit to supply AI platform to Australia’s BreastScreen NSW Machine Reading Project

Seoul, South Korea – Lunit, a medical AI provider serving over 1,000 sites around the world, announced that it has signed a contract to supply its AI solution for the BreastScreen NSW (BSNSW) State program, managed by the Cancer Institute NSW (New South Wales’ cancer control agency). Lunit’s selection as the program’s supplier marks the first case globally in which an AI-based solution is being deployed by a national cancer screening organisation.

In 2021, the Cancer Institute NSW sought proposals and test results from potential suppliers for the supply, fulfillment, and/or delivery of BreastScreen Machine Reading solution built on the latest generation of deep machine learning AI technology for detecting cancers in screening mammograms. Lunit INSIGHT MMG – an AI solution for mammography analysis – was named as the preferred solution for this project.

BSNSW is part of the national BreastScreen Australia program, which is jointly funded by the Commonwealth as well as state and territory governments with the aim to improve the survival rates of women with breast cancer. The service aims to detect breast cancer early, providing free mammograms to women aged 40 and over.

Phase 1 of the BSNSW Machine Reading Project will validate the Lunit INSIGHT MMG solution to confirm the potential clinical benefits prior to operational deployment. Lunit’s AI solution will analyse and validate approximately 650,000 mammograms in comparison to historical reports delivered by BSNSW radiologists.

Phase 2 will conduct a prospective validation of Lunit INSIGHT MMG in the intended production workflow by assessing approximately 240,000 exams over an 8-month period. The results will be analysed alongside radiologist reports to ensure an optimal integrated and secure workflow.

In Phase 3, operational deployment will see the Lunit INSIGHT MMG solution integrated into the BSNSW PACS environment, assisting radiologists with all screening exams for approximately 350,000 women per year. In this final phase, additional evaluations will be conducted to validate Lunit INSIGHT DBT – an AI solution for digital breast tomosynthesis for clinical use.

Upon completion of all three phases, Lunit will secure a 5-year operational contract with BSNSW, which is expected to lead to further secure supply and operation throughout Australia.

“This is the first time Lunit has been awarded the opportunity to provide our AI solution for a national breast screen program,” says Lunit CEO Brandon Suh. “We plan to proactively prepare for the rapidly increasing demand in national screening programs around the world, in addition to actively seeking new business opportunities.”

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