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Canvass AI displays solutions for steelmakers to boost production, reduce GHG emissions

Canvass AI, a specialist in industrial AI-as-a-Service, will detail and discuss its series of packaged AI solutions for the steel industry at the Artificial Intelligence and Steelmaking Summit. The Company will deliver a presentation on Leveraging Industrial AI to Increase Throughput in Steel Manufacturing at 12:00 pm November 22nd EST (17:00 GMT).

Humera Malik, CEO, Canvass AI says, “Canvass AI has worked very closely with steelmakers on maximising throughput in steel production. The additional benefits, however, reducing energy costs, remelts, and GHG emissions, are what organisations are looking for most from AI and digital transformation a road toward sustainability.”

The session on leveraging industrial AI to increase throughput in steel manufacturing will cover:

  • How a leading steel manufacturer is projecting an increase in throughput by over 10% within the first week of using the Canvass AI platform 
  • Key considerations on how to successfully apply industrial AI in operations
  • How the Canvass AI platform predicts optimal throughput speed for common steel-making processes, such as annealing, to maximise productivity without jeopardising quality 

Canvass AI’s packaged AI solutions for the steel industry are designed to capture institutional knowledge and include:

  • Process suite that reduces raw material costs, improves quality and reduces waste;
  • Net-Zero suite that optimises water use/reuse, waste reduction and minimising GHG emissions without compromising production goals; and
  • Asset suite that reduces energy costs and increases reliability with reduced downtime.

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