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Iveda launches IvedaCare, an AI-driven assistant for safety, security, and elderly care

Iveda, the global solution for cloud-based AI technology has announced the launch of IvedaCare, an AI-assistant that enables users to effectively care for the people, places, and things that matter most. IvedaCare is the first scientifically validated at-home AI Caregiver service. The patented AI-driven, predictive software learns users’ lifestyle preferences in order to make informed decisions around health and security, effectively reducing false alarms and providing unparalleled peace of mind to caregivers using the technology.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 56 million adults ages 65 and older live in the United States, accounting for about 16.9% of the nation’s population. As more individuals strive to successfully age in place defined as living in one’s own home safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age the burden placed on caregivers can be immense. IvedaCare’s sophisticated AI technology provides caretakers with bot-enabled ambient fall detection, medication adherence monitoring, Real-Time Location monitoring capabilities, and more all accessible through a mobile app with real-time health condition updates and alerts.

“While it’s not possible for anyone to be everywhere at all times, that’s exactly what being a caregiver often requires and a reality that IvedaCare’s technology gets us one step closer to,” says David Ly, Iveda founder and CEO. “As an organisation continuously innovating on AI and Smart City technology, Iveda is pleased to share these capabilities with a broader audience, and in a way that truly adds value to users’ immediate daily lives. IvedaCare combines the power of IoT sensors and AI to provide comfort and peace of mind to a major demographic in need.”

The easy-to-use, cloud-based wireless sensors collect real-time data designed for homes, medical facilities, and even neighborhoods, giving users access to manage via IvedaCare’s AI-driven, decision-making software. Users are instantly notified through the user-friendly IvedaCare app when adverse situations occur, putting intelligent caregiving in the palm of your hand. The app also brings families and professional caregivers together in real-time, providing more efficient care across today’s exploding population of seniors.

“While other providers in the space may provide bits and pieces cobbled together to resemble a solution to the caregivers’ problem, we understand it’s not a one-size-fits-all category,” continues Ly. “IvedaCare is taking a completely customisable approach to aging-in-place technology, equipping homes, hospitals, and communities with the capabilities they each need for truly smart elder care.”

While the safety of loved ones is a primary use case of the new technology, IvedaCare’s sensor options provide additional protection for users’ homes and belongings, including:

  • A security system that learns: Perimeter and in-home security sensors with false alarm learning and elimination, lighting that learns, predictive maintenance for administrators, and 24/7 professional monitoring keep homes and those inside them safe.
  • Smart water + energy monitoring: Bot-driven negotiations save energy and maximise comfort by learning user comfort preferences; Bot-enabled gamification doles out points and rewards, encouraging users to reduce their environmental footprint and energy expenditures.

Customisable IvedaCare white labeling options are available to relevant institutions (E.g., hospitals, senior care solutions providers and communities, etc.). IvedaCare’s AI and IoT Platform never locks users into using a single product, manufacturer, or a point solution; device manufacturers use Iveda’s HIPAA-compliant platform to cloud-enable products with an intelligence they can control, adding new features and capabilities to devices, as needed, for a future-proof strategy. IvedaCare’s platform has already captured over 4.8 trillion time-series data points from devices to date. IvedaCare starter kits will cost approximately $250 (€239.96) with the option to upgrade to Pro Monitoring for around a dollar a day.

For more about IvedaCare, visit here.

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