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Winnebago Public Schools finds its security solution in Evolv Technology

Waltham, United States – Evolv Technology, the provider in AI-based weapons detection security screening, announced the work it has done in partnership with Nebraska’s Winnebago Public Schools. Winnebago uses Evolv’s state-of-the-art Evolv Express system to help create safer spaces for its elementary through high school students.

Winnebago Public Schools in Winnebago, Nebraska, educates roughly 600 students in kindergarten through Grade 12, all in the same building. Installed just prior to the start of the 2022-2023 academic year, in its first month in use at the school’s two entrances, Evolv Express screened more than 17,000 students, educators and visitors.

Evolv Express uses powerful sensor technology with artificial intelligence (AI) to provide safer, more accurate threat detection at unprecedented volume and speed. Students can walk through without always having to stop to remove personal items like cellphones or keys and begin their day engaging positively with school staff. School officials have also found success using Evolv Insights, an analytics dashboard which allows them to continually improve their security posture for the school day as well as special events by providing the ability to easily access and visualise system performance, student flow, and location-specific performance.

“Being able to see student flows down to five-minute intervals, detection performance at both entrances, when alerts occurred, and detailed unit information provides us with valuable and actionable information,” says Adam James, safety and events director for Winnebago Public Schools. “Ultimately, Evolv Express was the only technology that met our requirement to improve security without negatively impacting student experience.”

While the school has never had a major issue with weapons being brought in, Evolv Express has detected vapes and other prohibited paraphernalia, which administrators believe has deterred students from attempting to bring banned items to the school. According to school officials, the Winnebago community has responded positively to Evolv, with students saying they feel safer, and parents appreciative that the school is being proactive in elevating security.

“We are very pleased to hear about the success of Evolv in a community like Winnebago,” says Peter George, CEO of Evolv Technology. “Empowering teachers, principals and school staff to help increase safety in the buildings and reduce anxiety so that the focus can remain on learning is at the centre of our mission in the education space.”

Winnebago joins a growing list of schools across the country using Evolv Express to help keep students, teachers and staff safer so the focus can remain on education. Read related press releases and case studies to learn more.

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