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Densitas uses Nuance’s Precision Imaging Network to boost patient outcomes with workflow-integrated AI

Mo Abdolell of Densitas

Densitas Inc., a global provider of AI solutions for digital mammography and breast screening has announced that it has connected to the Nuance Precision Imaging Network (PIN), a secure nationwide cloud platform empowering collaborative care teams with streamlined communications and workflow-integrated AI insights from diagnostic imaging to improve healthcare outcomes and costs.

Densitas intelliMammo, comprising intelliMammo densityAI, qualityAI, and riskAI, offers a FDA/ACR compliant solution for clinical and enterprise decision-making that includes breast density, breast cancer risk, and clinical image quality. IntelliMammo presents clinical care teams with on-demand actionable information and digitised workflows to systematically improve mammography quality, organisational and workflow efficiencies, and support early breast cancer detection and treatment.

Leveraging the nationwide scale of the Nuance PowerScribe and Nuance PowerShare diagnostic imaging solutions, the Nuance Precision Imaging Network connects radiologists, providers, health plans, self-insured employers, life science companies, and other imaging stakeholders to broaden access to precision diagnostics and therapeutics, increase healthcare efficiency, and lower costs. It enables secure and seamless sharing of AI insights from diagnostic imaging to enhance clinical decision-making, enhance care team collaboration, and facilitate the earlier detection and treatment of diseases for improved patient outcomes.

“Our intelliMammo platform provides a solid foundation for population health management as patients navigate through breast cancer screening, diagnostic, treatment, and prevention pathways,” says Mo Abdolell, CEO, of Densitas. “Through the Nuance Precision Imaging Network, intelliMammo becomes immediately accessible to over 10,000 healthcare facilities across the US. The addition of intelliMammo opens the door to Nuance customers to capture information from routine screening mammograms and seamlessly leverage patient-centered data and insights in their existing clinical and administrative workflows.”

“We’re proud to support Densitas with seamless workflow-integrated access through the Nuance Precision Imaging Network, providing powerful clinical decision support tools at the point-of-care as they advance their important work in breast cancer screening,” says Roland Dias, vice president, Precision Imaging Network, Nuance.

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