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Laiye, Ciklum to bring work execution system to European retailers and the iGaming sector

Wang Guanchun of Laiye Technology

London, UK – Work Execution System (WES) specialist Laiye has announced the first global WES Co-Innovation partnership with Ciklum, a digital transformation company with more than 20 worldwide offices and 4,000+ developers, analysts and engineers specialising in Intelligent Automation, Data & Analytics and Custom Product Engineering. 

The WES Co-Innovation partnership is focused on closing the Work Execution Gap: the divide between the work experience employees want and the one employers are able to offer with the technology they have. One in two employers around the world say boring and inefficient office tasks are the major obstacle to productivity, an acute problem in the UK, cited by 54% of employers. The gap is pervasive across sectors: 50% of retail employers and 48% of financial institutions know their employees suffer from burnout, and both these sectors cite low job fulfilment as a Work Execution Gap (48% and 43% respectively).

The partnership will target these gaps by improving the human and digital synergy, bringing together the complementary capabilities of Ciklum’s extensive experience in delivering end-to-end automation solutions and deep industry expertise with Laiye’s newly-launched WES. The two will collaborate with organisations across the iGaming, financial services, and retail/e-commerce sectors to help clients significantly improve their employee’s productivity and experience, resulting in:

  • Better operating margins, higher revenue growth, and increased customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Enabling organisations to be future-ready, empowering their employees with a suite of Intelligent Automation solutions.
  • Integrating Laiye’s conversational AI platform with Ciklum’s expertise across multiple industries to drive major business efficiencies.

One of the features of the WES Co-Innovation partnership is that Laiye will guarantee to all shared customers a risk-free incentive to businesses looking to embark on their digital transformation. This means if pre-agreed business metrics are not achieved within the set time frame, Laiye and Ciklum will refund 100% of the value of the software licence fees.

Guanchun Wang, chairman and CEO of Laiye, comments on the groundbreaking collaboration, “Our partnership with Ciklum marks a key milestone for Laiye to launch a new category the Work Execution System in Europe and beyond. We together can help customers in some of the most important business sectors to identify and close their Work Execution Gap using intelligent automation technologies.”

Gourav Datta, VP of intelligent automation at Ciklum, comments, “As Ciklum focusses on driving Intelligent Automation at scale across organisations, we are pleased to formalise the partnership with Laiye to further strengthen and deliver end-to-end automation. We are certain this partnership will provide a considerable and differentiated value for our clients”

Datta continues, “Traditionally automation has been focussed, and proved extremely successful, on back-office processes, but Laiye’s Work Execution System has helped to expand our offerings and holistically tackle some of the most challenging and complex business problems around how work should be done”.

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