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X METAVERSE PRO expands X META Copy Fund services to improve user experience

Denver, Colorado – X METAVERSE PRO is making further developments for X META Copy Fund services to ensure a greater user experience. The blooming expansion of blockchain technology has made copy fund services more accessible and easy to adapt for customers worldwide.

Copy fund, also known as copy trading or mirror trading platform, mainly plays a significant role in the investment sector based on cryptocurrency or beyond by allowing the users to choose top-performing investors in a specific market based on their portfolio, make decisions on the investable amount, and replicate their strategies with a single click. Consequently, this begets traders a higher possibility of having higher revenue from their investments by following successful traders.

Although copy fund services come with their own benefits, there are risks associated with the diversification and replication of the portfolios of investors in various sectors. With the emerging manifestation of cryptocurrency and decentralised autonomous organisations, the copy fund has become one of the key services offered by multiple sectors, including financial organisations, investment platforms, and so on. However, the challenge lies in identifying the right platform to make the best out of copy trading services, which will provide maximum security assurance, conduct thorough research on the market, and ensure a safe investment abiding by the terms and conditions.

In an age of increasing demand for a trusted platform to deliver copy fund services, X METAVERSE PRO, a ecosystem of blockchain technology, has proven its efficacy through X META Copy Fund services. The X METAVERSE PRO protocol enables end users to manage their virtual assets and gain appreciation by tracking the wallet addresses of the professionals. The mechanism operates with AI technology to track efficiently and analyse the on-chain data to provide users with an accessible copy trading service.

X METAVERSE PRO is now inculcating further development for X META Copy Fund services to give users a more convenient and sustainable experience in trading their digital assets. One such developmental initiative to be implemented is $XMETA to effectively initiate wallet-to-wallet address copying to replicate the business strategies of the trading elites. $XMETA is a token system under the X METAVERSE PRO network, which is the fundamental currency that circulates throughout the ecosystem. This systematically creates a bridge between virtual assets and real-time currency to establish investment banks in the metaverse. $XMETA is formulated to make the copy fund service simplified by allowing the users to select the particular wallet to copy and deposit their digital funds into the $XMETA smart contract.

X METAVERSE PRO approaches with the accessible features within the ecosystem to enhance the usability of the X META Copy Fund service. The end users of X META Copy Fund have the autonomy to choose their preferred traders to give funds to and simultaneously have $XMETA tokens of the same value as the fund deposited. In this way, the value of tokens fluctuates proportionately with the trader’s performance – indicating the impact level of the user assets by the respective trader’s investment decisions.

The developmental stages of X META Copy Fund services are equipped with trusted sources of equipment, enabling it to run a lower-risk digital asset transaction. $XMETA platform provides details of traders, which includes the past performance of the investors and supplementary tools to help the end users select the best candidates to start with. Traders as users are privileged to utilise the $XMETA AI plugin from their browser for keeping transaction records – which eventually helps them to decide their own payment method (i.e., as a flat fee or percentage from the earned profit).

The upgrades and improvisations from X METAVERSE PRO in the realm of Copy Trading Service do not cease here only. Alongside the $XMETA as a component in improving the user experience, X METAVERSE PRO will continue with more milestones to integrate the ecosystem with the service provided in the blockchain technology sector. The key concentration will be given to making the entire service chain always accessible from anywhere at any time with a single click.

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