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Extreme’s fabric solutions deployed to help global organisations scale ops, cut time-to-revenue

Extreme Networks reports that several new customers worldwide are now using its network fabric solutions to create secure, flexible, high-performing networks. These include including Germany’s mountain resort, the cities of Memphis and Milwaukee, a school district in Green Bay, Wisconsin, a healthcare provider in Belgium, and Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas.

Extreme’s fabric solutions, including Extreme Fabric Connect and Extreme Fabric Attach, aim to make it simple for IT teams to manage applications and endpoints across an organisation. By creating a single, secure network, customers can significantly reduce their potential attack surface, enhance the performance of applications and improve operating efficiency. Network fabric offers both a unified and hyper-segmented view of traffic and activity, radically simplifying network management for organisations with multiple physical locations that serve users with different needs and access restrictions. Further, its advanced automation capabilities make it easy for organisations to scale network services to support more users, locations, devices and applications.

Key facts:

  • Simple and fast network deployments: Harry Reid International Airport uses network fabric to support Las Vegas’ primary commercial airport as well as its two general aviation airports. The high-performance network provides connectivity for everything from luggage tag tracking and mobile tickets to services at each airline kiosk. Fabric Connect enables the IT team to unify operations across all three airport sites and easily extend connectivity where and when they need it for maintenance tasks, lowering overhead costs while improving operational efficiency.
  • Network resiliency in any environment: Green Bay Area Public Schools serves nearly 20,000 students and 2,500 staff across 43 buildings. The school district supports thousands of connected devices, and curriculums rely heavily on online resources and video streaming. Extreme’s network fabric provides a reliable, secure connection designed for high density environments, so classes aren’t stuck waiting for lessons to buffer. Additionally, the IT team can quickly address any performance issues, minimising disruptions to the school day and improving the overall learning experience.
  • Bayerische Zugspitzbahn is Germany’s highest mountain resort, offering skiing in the winter and hiking and sightseeing in all seasons. The resort’s network must be resilient to high winds and wide temperature variances, as it supports visitor ticket sales, hospitality services for retail and food, as well as access controls for the cable cars running up and down the mountain. The network fabric delivers a high-performance, stable connection, helping ensure visitors aren’t left stranded at any point in the resort. This has dramatically improved the customer experience and lowered OPEX, while creating a foundation for new revenue streams.
  • End-to-end visibility and strengthened security: Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg (ZOL), is a major healthcare provider in eastern Belgium. ZOL needed to keep up with the rapid evolution of technology in the healthcare industry while providing secure connectivity for medical devices critical for patient care. With Fabric Connect, ZOL was able to segment its network and extend connectivity across its different campuses, ensuring patients will continue to receive medical services, improving staff communications systems and reducing network management tasks for the IT team.

Commenting on their deployment, Mickey Alderson, network architect, City of Memphis, says, “We manage anything you can think of related to a local government, from in-car video and body cameras for our police department to automated services for sanitation trucks. It’s critical for us to make sure that the network is always up and operational, as it is essentially the central nervous system of our smart city. Extreme makes our jobs easier; the network is simple to manage and my team is free to focus on enhancing digital services for our citizens.”

The IT manager at the Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg, Kurt Gielen, comments, “Our network supports the operations of our hospitals and healthcare centres 24/7. Because we are such a large healthcare provider with many services offered to patients, we needed a solution that can support us as we to continue to grow and increase our use of medical technology without costs or complexity. Fabric offers us simplicity, ease of use, security and cost-efficiency, allowing us to focus on improving and expanding our ability to serve patients.”

Dan DeBacker, SVP of products at Extreme Networks adds, “The network is foundationally strategic to the livelihood of every organisation given the demand for more applications, more devices, more endpoints and more bandwidth. This growing reliance on the network can tax both people and operations. We help customers simplify networking by improving orchestration, automation, control and visibility, within a secure infrastructure. More importantly, we enable IT teams to stay ahead of demands, without draining resources, time and money ultimately creating better end user experiences and turning the network into a lucrative profit centre for business.”

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