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OxAI aims to bridge the gap between AI, blockchain

Miami, United States – AI holds revolutionary power in its hands. Its incorporation into any sector of the world has always proven to be beneficial. According to statistics, this innovation holds the potential to add a whopping [$13 trillion (€12.13 trillion)] to the global GDP by 2030 and what’s more, it can add almost 133 million jobs to various sectors.

AI has also added great value to the healthcare, telecommunication, financial, insurance, and telecommunication sector. A new firm has set foot into the crypto sphere that has amalgamated the promising blockchain technology with AI. 

A quick look at OxAI

OxAI is a addition to the crypto sector. The firm harnesses the numerous benefits and revolutionary strength of AI to create opportunities for the average person. OxAI aims to provide AI computation for every individual around the globe. It is a platform that offers AI services to its users without adversely affecting the cardinal features of anonymity, transparency, and efficiency.

OxAI transfigures the method of operation of businesses worldwide by mitigating the need of hiring full-time employees. Through the mere use of AI business owners can extend their services to the general population. OxAI provides unparalleled services at very reasonable prices and ensures proficiency of work before the monetary exchange takes place. 


The OxAI protocol offers two types of tokens, OXAI and eOXAI. Individuals staking OXAI tokens are given voting rights in the OxAI DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation). These community members can influence key decisions related to governing. 

Escrowed OXAI or eOXAI are staked tokens that remain locked for 1 year. Holders of eOXAI tokens are given access to OXAI tiers. Benefits are associated with each tier.  

AI tiers

The firm adopts a method of operation. Users holding the eOXAI token are given different ranks or tiers. Each tier is accompanied by a distinguished bot. The higher the tier the more exhilarating the bot becomes. Not only this but user ranks are directly linked to the number of times that a person can avail of AI-mediated services. The highest tier is the Cosmic Bull which uses Defi Alpha AI and grants 300 requests per month. 

Blockchain AI relay

The OxAI relay is a structure where AI operators get to sell their expertise. AI operators whose services are most frequently used by community members may benefit from performance fees that are paid to them.

OxAI bots

The CyberStream AI Connection of the firm allows AI to manage computational work based on prevailing market trends, information, and expert analysis. AI Unleashed for example is a great AI bot that uses the current information that is available online to and proceeds with computation accordingly. Trader AI is another sublime bot that analyses the in-process market transactions and offers the appropriate response.

Operator network

OxAI provides an opportunity for anyone to become an AI operator by registering their services on the operator network. The operators are given a free hand to make use of any AI application that they want. These operators may earn a substantial amount if their services get widely accepted by the general population. 

Reputation system

The firm introduces a system where members through the use of likes and dislikes can either have an operator removed or boosted to a higher position. Users can submit their signatures after using a particular operator which will be recorded on a digital ledger. These signatures can either act as likes or dislikes.  When the month comes to an end, the operator who gets the highest number of likes will receive additional benefits while operators with an influx of dislikes will be delisted. 


The decentralised autonomous organisation of OxAI operated and headed by token stakers is entrusted with the task of devising administrative rules and regulations. The structure also plays a great role in ensuring that the demands and needs of its community members are met properly.

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