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Olea Edge Analytics debuts pilot programme with EVMWD for data-driven analysis of water loss

Olea Edge Analytics, a provider of intelligent solutions and services for the water utility industry, has announced the launch of a pilot programme to deploy smart technology to 25 large commercial meters in California’s Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (EVMWD) service area.

Olea’s Meter Health Analytics (MHA) solution uses AI technology to provide previously unattainable insights into the performance of commercial and industrial water meters, which can have an outsized impact on both water loss and utility revenue.

2018 study found that non-revenue water that has been produced but is “lost” before it reaches the customer comprised 30% of water system input volumes worldwide. The total cost of such losses for utilities can be up to $39 billion (€36.71 billion) per year.

“EVMWD is one of the country’s most technologically savvy utility companies, and they were interested in trying an innovative solution to reduce water loss and maximise water efficiency,” Olea Edge Analytics CFO Jennifer Crow says. “When large commercial meters perform optimally, it benefits the entire system. The largest water consumers are billed accurately, and utilities can address significant apparent water loss quickly.”

Municipalities across California have asked their customers to reduce their water use as the state contends with its third straight year of drought. Despite some respite from heavy rains in December and January, the need for efficiency remains to ensure supplies for the future. While customers are doing their own part individually, the District also implements tactics to ensure water reliability in its own systems.

“When confronting the challenges of drought, EVMWD takes a multifaceted approach to ensure water is available 24/7 for our community,” says Greg Thomas, general manager for Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District. “Using tools, like Olea’s solution for larger meters, will allow our Operations team to more accurately detect and address water loss.”

To learn more about how Olea Edge Analytics helps utilities control water loss through sensors that combine AI, machine learning, and edge computing technology, visit here.

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