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Alpha Metaverse Technologies announces AI tool for metaverse content production

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 23 February 2023 – Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc. a technology company that focuses on emerging markets in gaming, NFTs, blockchain gaming, esports, ecommerce, metaverse development and other high growth opportunities.

Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc. announce the release of AI tool that enables companies to generate concept art to create 3D assets for metaverse experiences at a significantly reduced cost and time.

As companies increasingly experiment with metaverse content production, the cost of creating 3D assets has become a major challenge. To address this challenge, Alpha Metaverse Technologies has developed an AI pipeline and automation tool that will enable companies to create concept art for 3D assets quickly and cost effectively.

“Our new AI tool is a game changer for companies seeking to produce metaverse content,” says Brian Wilneff, CEO of Alpha Metaverse. “We understand the cost and time associated with traditional 3D asset creation, which can be a barrier to development. This new AI tool will enable companies to produce 3D assets at a fraction of the cost and time, making it easier for them to develop and innovate in their metaverse experiences.”

The new AI tool is built on machine learning models like OpenAI’s products, and the tool’s automation capabilities enable the creation of high quality concept art to develop 3D assets with minimal human intervention. This automation reduces the potential for human error and saves considerable time and cost for businesses.

Please keep an eye out for access to a Beta version of our AI tool to be accessed through the Company’s website. We anticipate this will be available soon!

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