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FirstBatch develops personalisation ecosystem, tackles $450bn avoidable user churn

Austin, United States – FirstBatch is practicing in artificial intelligence and zero-knowledge proofs is building a self-sovereign personalisation ecosystem that will enable hyper-personalised experiences without the cost of privacy, changing how online recommendations are made. The team is preparing to showcase their product at ETH Denver and display the capabilities of their technology to the community.

Personalisation is increasingly becoming a key factor in the success of digital products, with TikTok being an example. Its hyper-personalisation and interest graph have helped it beat out any other app in terms of user engagement. However, despite the advancement in personalisation frameworks, avoidable user churn is still costing businesses a staggering [$450 billion (€426.03 billion)] a year. The key to reducing this churn could lie in improving the user experience of first-time interactions and personalisation, which can decrease churn by up to 67%. Additionally, users are increasingly concerned about privacy and control over their personalisation data, with 70% expressing a desire for such control. Therefore, finding a balance between the benefits of personalisation and users’ privacy concerns while also enabling the portability of personalisation for tailored onboarding experiences could significantly increase the quality of interactions online.

FirstBatch will bring together users’ interests, content, and products in a ‘Universal Interest Graph’ on top of the blockchain, which will be wrapped with a privacy layer. Any application will be able to access and query this permissionless interest graph to elevate its UX and create hyper-personalised journeys for its users. Combining applications of zero-knowledge proofs and blockchain systems, FirstBatch will redefine the relationship between users and algorithms, where users can freely carry their interests across platforms to tailor their journey without worrying about the safety of their personal information.

With the teams’ experience building products on privacy-preserving personalisation and AI recommendations, FirstBatch developed a continuous segmentation engine that can understand a user’s interests in seconds. In turn, users are provided with a decentralised FirstBatch ID (FID), which they can use across the web to enhance the quality of their digital interactions with communities, content, and products. During their first early access period in June 2022, FirstBatch generated over 36,000, non-sybil identities in just 15 hours. This growth initiative is a testament to the efficiency and effectiveness of the infrastructure, while also highlighting the interest of the community.

Having confidence in the value of data availability, FirstBatch’s Universal Interest Graph will directly impact business metrics across many verticals such as; E-commerce, NFT marketplaces, gaming and decentralised socials. The team believes that one of the most promising applications of their technology will be in e-commerce, where nearly 450 billion dollars of sales is estimated to be missed annually due to a lack of instant & interoperable personalisation.

FirstBatch ID holders can also access a web application, Gravitate, where they can personalise more than 20,000 web2 and web3 sources based on their interests. Users will have access to a wide variety of content on their personalised feed, from recognised sources such as Wired, TechCrunch, Bleacher Report, or Forbes to newer, decentralised sources including Mirror, Farcaster, Lens, DeSo, and more. Through perfect matchmaking between millions of pieces of content and the interests of the user, Gravitate will create a continuous stream of relevant and personalised information. By customising their algorithm according to sources, interests, or the content’s relevancy level, users can take total control of what they read, anytime. Gravitate will be also available for iOS devices later in the year.

FirstBatch is in a position to continue developing its solutions and bring them to market. As the personalisation capabilities of FID keep increasing, the ecosystem will evolve into FirstBatch 2.0, making it possible to match users with videos, images, products, and even venues, creating new possibilities to reach and engage with users and customers.

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