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ThirdEye secures new contract to enhance US Navy’s operations with augmented reality technology

ThirdEye, a provider of Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence (AR/AI) solutions, has secured a contract from the US Navy through its government partner. The advanced AR technology developed by ThirdEye will be utilised by the US Navy to improve and streamline maintenance aviation activities for both the US Navy and Marines across multiple bases in the US and overseas.

As a part of this deployment, the US Navy will utilise ThirdEye’s various smart glasses and software to enhance training and reduce machine downtime. Additionally, custom AR software applications will be deployed as part of this partnership. ThirdEye’s smart glasses are among the few all-in-one US-developed technologies that have already been validated by the US Government, with existing contracts with the Department of Defense.

ThirdEye’s technology leverages AI predictive analysis to display pertinent AR information across a range of environments. These AI/AR software platforms enable up to 40% operating efficiencies, in addition to environmental benefits that could potentially eliminate millions of tons of carbon emissions through reduced travel and the use of holograms and AI software. For the Navy project, custom Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) and Common Access Card (CAC) reader technology will be used for two-factor authentication. (video link here).

According to Nick Cherukuri, ThirdEye’s CEO, “ThirdEye was founded on the belief that mixed reality and AI solutions could revolutionise our lives, from the way we work and consume news to how we defend our freedom and advance the cause for a more peaceful world.”

“We take pride in supporting the men and women in uniform both domestically and internationally, and we hope to continue delivering innovative technologies for many years to come,” he adds.

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