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SatixFy, Kythera Space Solutions partner to deliver advanced payload solutions for LEO constellations

SatixFy Communications Ltd., a provider of satellite communication technology solutions from chip to product, and Kythera Space Solutions, a provider of dynamic management systems for payloads and SATCOM networks, have announced that they have partnered to deliver advanced payload solutions for LEO constellations.

SatixFy’s advanced SX-4000 processor drives high performance and flexibility of software defined satellite (SDS) platforms, delivering on-board regenerative processing capability and on-orbit reconfigurability. Kythera makes the Kythera Operating System (KOS), an emerging industry standard for dynamically and autonomously managing and optimising SDS payloads and NextGen SATCOM networks. KOS optimises payload and network resources, capacity, and service.

The partnership leverages Kythera’s KOS to manage and optimise SatixFy’s SDS payloads, delivering a fully integrated solution that includes the space assets, as well as space and ground segment management and orchestration capabilities for LEO constellation optimisation.

The combination of SatixFy’s advanced payload processor with Kythera’s dynamic resource management software will enable customers to reduce overall time-to-market, reduce internal development costs, and increase profitability over the life of their LEO constellations. The combined solution will decrease the operational complexities associated with managing and optimising complex LEO constellation architectures, increasing operational efficiency while decreasing operational support costs.

“Sophisticated LEO networks that leverage SatixFy’s advanced processors and payloads demand equally high-performance software to manage them,” says Jeffrey Freedman, PhD, CEO of Kythera Space Solutions. “By leveraging the Kythera Operating System, LEO constellations that employ SatixFy payloads will realise optimised performance and further benefit from interoperability and pooled capacity with other network assets managed within the KOS ecosystem.”

“Our LEO constellation customers are increasingly looking for a holistic solution that provides not only the space hardware assets but the software to manage those assets,” says Ido Gur, CEO of SatixFy. “We’re excited to expand our ecosystem in partnership with Kythera to deliver one of the most advanced SATCOM network management and optimisation solution on the market in conjunction with our satellite hardware. The result is a turnkey LEO network solution that allows customers to unlock the full potential and achieve maximum value from their LEO constellation investments.”

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