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Ault Alliance, Ecoark Holdings join forces to capture market share in increasing metaverse industry

Ault Alliance, Inc., a diversified holding company and Ecoark Holdings, Inc. have announced that they have completed the previously announced share exchange agreement, whereby Ault Alliance and other founders sold, Inc., including the BITNILE.COM metaverse platform, to Ecoark for $100 million (€93.69 million) in stated value of preferred stock.

The Platform, which went live to the public on March 1, 2023, allows users to engage with a new social networking community and purchase both digital and physical products while playing 3D immersive games. The Platform is expected to have a tiered rewards system, which incentivises behavior, while advertising models will target specific users. The Platform is early access and not all experiences are immediately available.

Once Ecoark has obtained shareholder approval for the issuance of all the shares underlying the Ecoark preferred stock called for by the Agreement in compliance with the rules and regulations of Nasdaq, Ault Alliance will beneficially own a significant majority of Ecoark. Going forward, it is expected that Ecoark’s financial results will be consolidated into Ault Alliance’s financial statements. This acquisition is expected to bring synergies and opportunities for growth for both companies, as they work towards their shared goals in the metaverse market.

The Preferred Stock has a stated value of $100 million (€93.69 million), is convertible into shares of Ecoark common stock at $0.25 (€0.23) per share subject to Ecoark obtaining shareholder approval, accrue dividends of 5% per annum for 10 years, and the holders are entitled to certain other rights as set forth in the certificate of designation for the Preferred Stock. Subject to shareholder approval, Ault Alliance can vote and convert the majority of the Preferred Stock at its discretion. Until it obtains that approval, Ault Alliance is subject to a 19.9% limitation on an as converted basis in accordance with the Rules of the Nasdaq Stock Market, which percentage includes other Ecoark securities it presently holds.

Milton “Todd” Ault, III, Ault Alliance’s executive chairman, states, “The BITNILE.COM platform boasts cutting-edge capabilities and advanced technology, and we are confident that the Platform will be strategically positioned to capitalise on new business opportunities and expand its offerings. As the race to establish a dominant position in the metaverse market heats up, we believe BITNILE.COM has the potential to emerge as a major player with its ready-to-launch suite of immersive and innovative user experiences, accessible across all devices and browsers. We are thrilled to partner with the Ecoark team to create a world-class destination platform in the metaverse, and we are confident that together we will create something truly remarkable.”

Ecoark’s Founder, chairman and CEO, Randy May, states, “Ecoark’s acquisition of, Inc. is an exciting opportunity for us to expand our presence in the rapidly growing metaverse market. We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Todd Ault, whose expertise and background have been invaluable. We see tremendous potential in the Platform’s unique metaverse offering, and we are confident that this strategic acquisition will allow us to forge new partnerships, accelerate customer acquisition, and create premier content to drive revenue and profitability growth. We are committed to delivering exceptional value to our shareholders, and we believe that this strategic acquisition is a key step toward achieving that goal.”

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