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Savvas Learning Company acquires Whooo’s reading, its AI-driven technology

Savvas Learning Company, a K-12 next-generation learning solutions provider, has announced that it has acquired Whooo‘s reading and its AI-driven technology that enables teachers to determine whether their students comprehend the books they are reading.

“Artificial intelligence technology has the power to transform K-12 education by dramatically helping to personalise the teaching and learning experience,” says Bethlam Forsa, CEO of Savvas Learning Company. “The AI-driven technology that supports Whooo’s Reading is a great example of this. It gives students personalised and adaptive feedback on their writing and reading skills, empowering them to grow as learners. It also provides teachers with valuable insights into which skills their students need extra support with, allowing them to customise instruction.”

Backed by the National Science Foundation, the AI technology behind Whooo’s Reading helps students practice reading skills with in-the-moment feedback on their written responses to open-ended critical thinking questions about the content they are reading. Its proprietary machine-learning algorithm automatically assesses student writing, saving teachers time while also providing them actionable data on their students’ strengths and weaknesses enabling them to differentiate instruction.

Raphael Menko, CEO and president of Whooo’s Reading, says, he is excited to be joining Savvas, which shares his company’s vision for investing in the development of AI technology to benefit students.

“Savvas is an organisation that is committed to creating high-quality personalised learning solutions,” Menko says. “We’ve always wanted to impact more students. We’re thrilled now to be able to expand the reach of this incredible technology and impact the millions of students who use Savvas products.”

Built to work with any book that a student could read and any question a teacher could pose to students, the AI technology behind Whooo’s Reading was developed to integrate with an enormous amount of content.

“We are excited to integrate this machine-learning technology into our portfolio of curriculum products to further support educators in providing advanced personalised learning for their students,” Forsa says. “This AI-driven technology will enable Savvas to provide teachers the next-generation of time-saving scoring tools, along with reports to help them better understand which skills their students are struggling with and mastering.”

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