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Motive boosts driver safety solution with new AI capabilities as accidents, fatalities soar

Motive, a provider of automated operations for the physical economy, has announced a series of creations that expand the functionality of its Driver Safety Solution to combat worsening safety conditions. The new AI capabilities further improve the unrivaled accuracy of the Motive AI Dashcam by adding new types of safety and risk triggers that improve protection for drivers and reduce liability for customers.

New AI Dashcam capabilities from Motive include:

  • Improved collision detection: Detects collisions with accuracy, providing fleet managers with real-time video visibility within minutes. Enhancements enable fleet managers to take swift action as well as provide evidence in the case of litigation.
  • Stop sign violation: Identifies stop signs and detects if a driver fails to come to a complete stop. Rolling stops are frequently ticketed and they are one of the causes of accidents.
  • Driver distraction: Detects and alerts drivers when they are looking downward due to eating, drinking, smoking, drowsiness, cell phone use or general inattentiveness.
  • Unsafe lane changes: Alerts drivers when they are swerving, weaving, or switching lanes at high speeds as well as adherence to the road lanes, regardless of lane type.
  • Camera obstruction: Detects any camera obstruction or improper installation, whether road-facing or driver-facing, and alerts the driver and fleet manager instantly.

Motive also launched its inaugural State of Safety Report, revealing a gap between organisations’ safety priorities and their understanding of how improved safety increases productivity and profitability. The research underscores persistent issues that businesses that operate commercial vehicles are grappling with including an uncertain economic outlook and increases in dangerous and fatal safety incidents.

The latest data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows traffic deaths reached a 16-year high in 2021, with truck crash deaths jumping 13% year over year. In 2021, transportation incidents were the most frequent cause of work-related death, leading to the loss of nearly 2,000 lives. Unfortunately, this issue is not exclusive to trucking a new investigation from Construction Dive found that construction’s death rate hasn’t budged in 10 years, despite ongoing efforts to improve it.

Motive’s new State of Safety Report found:

  • Safety is a priority, but not the top priority. When asked if driver safety performance was a priority, 95% of respondents said yes. But when asked to rank priorities from a list of options, “improving safety” ranked behind “increasing revenue” and “minimising expenses.”
  • Accident avoidance drops to the bottom line. When asked what benefits their businesses experienced after implementing dashcams, those surveyed listed visibility into driver performance (57%), fewer unsafe driving behaviors (54%), insurance savings (45%), and fewer accidents (43%) as the top four outcomes.
  • Safety is a profit centre, not a cost centre. Data from the Motive State of Safety Report coupled with FMCSA data on the average cost of a large commercial vehicle crash found that fleets that have implemented an AI-powered safety solution to prevent crashes saved anywhere between $91,000 (€85673.77) and $1.72 million (€1.62 million) in 2022. And the survey found that more than half (52%) of large fleets surveyed say they have saved over $10,000 (€9414.70) by implementing a safety program, while 20% of firms have saved over $100,000 (€94147.00).
  • Fleets are underinvested in safety but plan to ramp up spending in 2023. 40% of organisations said they were underinvested in driver safety initiatives and technology in 2022 with 8% responding that they were drastically underinvested. But investment is expected to increase this year with 71% of respondents planning to invest in new tools to improve safety in 2023.

“Our inaugural State of Safety Report indicates that organisations think they need to choose between safety and profitability,” says Jai Ranganathan, chief product officer at Motive. “But, as our customers know, fewer accidents, less safety events, and decreased insurance premiums deliver savings and drive efficiencies that drop to their business’s bottom line. We are constantly improving our AI Dashcam and the new AI capabilities that we unveiled today will help further our mission to increase the safety, productivity, and profitability of the businesses that power the physical economy.”

According to the latest safety results from the Motive platform, fleets with Motive AI Dashcams across the majority of their vehicles and that frequently coach drivers, had 50% fewer accidents compared to all active Motive fleets. Similarly, from a 2022 study, fleets with Motive AI-powered dash cams that frequently coach see outsized cost benefits with up to 10X return on investment in the first year. The Motive AI Dashcam detects unsafe driving behavior with unrivaled accuracy and alerts drivers in real time through computer vision algorithms and an AI processor.

Learn more about new AI Dashcam capabilities here and Motive Driver Safety Solution here.

Read the full Motive State of Safety Report here.

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