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RWS expands AI training data services with launch of TrainAI

Emer Dolan of RWS

RWS, a provider of technology-enabled language, content and intellectual property services, has launched its TrainAI brand, offering clients complete, end-to-end data collection, data annotation, and data validation services for all types of AI data in any language, at any scale. TrainAI builds on years of RWS’s experience as an AI company, providing machine translation and AI training data services to improve the quality of machine learning models and AI applications for the organisations.

“It is widely accepted that the vast majority of data scientists’ time goes into data preparation to train machine learning (ML) models,” explains Emer Dolan, president of RWS’s Enterprise Internationalisation Group. “This leaves precious little time to develop, deploy and evaluate AI applications. This is where TrainAI is a real game changer providing a complete range of responsible AI data services tailored to each client’s needs.”

TrainAI offers clients access to RWS’s SmartSource community, an extensive, active pool of 100,000+ annotators and linguists, who regularly provide skilled AI data services in 400+ language variants across 175+ countries. The community collects, annotates and validates any type of AI data, from text, audio, images and videos, to multilingual and synthetic data. This data helps clients to train their own ML models, ranging from search, and virtual assistants, to facial recognition, voice control and content moderation systems.

Since 2017 RWS has been supporting its clients by providing reliable data for their AI projects. Seamlessly blending technological understanding and human intelligence, TrainAI offers a wide selection of data services whether a client needs 900,000 selfie videos from 75,000+ participants across 35 countries to improve a facial recognition account authentication system, or 2 million annotations in 96 languages with 100,000+ hours of data collection, annotation, ranking and query variation services to expand a virtual assistant’s language coverage.

To ensure ML model success, TrainAI delivers responsible AI training data that clients can depend on. TrainAI data is ethically sourced, accurate, fair and inclusive, based on a privacy and security-first approach, and built on human-in-the-loop methodologies. TrainAI data meets required quality standards, eliminating the need for data to be retrained at an additional cost.

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