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PsiQuantum expands quantum development engagement with SkyWater

Quantum computer developer PsiQuantum is expanding its deal with US foundry SkyWater Technology to ramp for production. The two companies are developing the silicon photonic chips in SkyWater’s semiconductor manufacturing facility in Bloomington, Minnesota, on 200mm wafers.

This engagement supports PsiQuantum’s plan to build a commercially viable, error-corrected general purpose quantum computer that scales beyond 1,000,000 qubits.

SkyWater’s Technology as a Service (TaaS) model enables advanced technologies to be developed and produced in a production fab and actively supports quantum computing initiatives. PsiQuantum, based in California, is the funded quantum computer startup and the deal is a key step for moving to volume commercial production of its full stack quantum computer.

The silicon photonics integration and manufacturing capabilities enable PsiQuantum to develop quantum chips that can be measured and tested for long-term reliability, critical to executing quantum algorithms which require millions or billions of gate operations. While there are many different approaches to building small numbers of qubits, PsiQuantum is working on a photonic approach that it says has technical advantages at the scale required for error correction.

“We are delighted with the excellent 200 mm photonics capabilities of SkyWater and how they satisfy our critical development needs. We have found the partnership with SkyWater beneficial due to the valuable speed and flexibilities of the team and company. Having domestic fabs with proven manufacturing capability and the development flexibility to support our required process flows is key to the success of our product plans,” comments Fariba Danesh, chief operating officer at PsiQuantum. “PsiQuantum is not only innovating in quantum architecture, but our teams are also driving advanced front end of line process innovation, and the ability to use unique process tooling in a proven factory will accelerate our programme.”

“We are excited to see the unique outcomes of PsiQuantum’s technology as well as the substantial technological progress they have achieved at SkyWater,” says Steve Kosier, SkyWater’s chief technology officer. “PsiQuantum’s and SkyWater’s engineering teams are working together to co-create the reality of a quantum-enabled world. We look forward to continuing to support them through development and into their production ramp.”

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