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Stormboard launches StormAI to improve workflow, creates secure brainstorming experiences

Stormboard, has launched StormAI, an augmented intelligence co-collaborator that works alongside humans to generate ideas, strategise and collaborate more actively.

For most, meetings are unproductive and inefficient. Preparing for meetings like brainstorming sessions, business analysis and strategic planning takes hours. Even with necessary materials gathered in advance and the brightest minds in the room, participants often don’t know where to start. With StormAI, no preparation or prompt engineering is required. Instead, teams benefit from automated template generation that produces initial ideas and builds upon them as users continue to input information.

These solutions show up as two key initial features solving critical issues: 

  • Automatic template creation means that teams no longer need to worry about where to start. The platform automatically generates user-ready templates that are custom-designed to the specific use case, reducing administration time to seconds to make brainstorming and problem-solving more efficient.
  • Augmented idea generation provides intelligent suggestions, recommendations and insights to users as the collaboration is in real time. StormAI leverages the ideas in the whole template, understanding their context based on the section they are in and adds ideas that understand the bigger picture.

StormAI is like having a boardroom of seasoned experts on one’s team. Just as an experienced analyst uses their expertise, data, and insight to uncover trends and make informed decisions, StormAI is one’s co-collaborator, enhancing creativity while generating ideas one might not have considered. StormAI maximises the chance of achieving optimal business outcomes.

“Storm AI completely changes the game when it comes to running a meeting. When people think of AI they think of Artificial Intelligence. We look at this as augmented intelligence. We’re giving all our users the ability to facilitate meetings faster and far more intelligently. No longer do you need to search through the hundreds of templates in Stormboard to find the right one, or master the art of prompt engineering to take advantage of AI. Storm AI creates a custom intelligent template tailored to the problem at hand in seconds, and gets you started with great ideas. ” says Reg Cheramy, CEO of Stormboard. “Because Stormboard and our templates follow a data-first architecture, you can do things with Stormboard you can’t do in any other visual collaboration tool. StormAI harnesses the power of contextual data to augment the brightest minds at the virtual brainstorming table. With StormAI’s Augmented Intelligence, we’re helping people be more effective and create better results faster revolutionizing how teams work better together. The only person losing their job with StormAI is your prompt engineer.”

Unlike other visual collaboration applications that use image-based templates without contextual understanding, Stormboard’s data-first, object-based architecture, is context-aware collaborator of its kind. Advanced contextual awareness means StormAI understands the intelligent design of Stormboard’s platform. When users create new content, StormAI analyses the existing content and data then proceeds to supply new ideas to unleash human collaboration.

Leveraging existing workspace data and metadata, users need zero experience with artificial intelligence to engage with StormAI. Compared to the ChatGPT experience to date that requires a significant level of prompt expertise, StormAI already knows what the user is working on, leading to improved productivity and creativity.

Industries where structured data is critical to the workflow, like Pharma, Finance, Healthcare, Telecom and manufacturing, can immediately realise StormAI’s benefits for advanced efficiency and increased alignment. StormAI is poised to become a driving force in digital transformation and the future of collaboration technology.

Stormboard’s Data-First Platform prioritises privacy and security by adhering to industry-standard security protocols and best practices to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of user data. Unlike ChatGPT where their input can be used to train models, Stormboard data is not used for training purposes by our AI Service Partners. All data is encrypted (both at-rest and in-transit) and may be retained for up to 30 days in a dedicated single instance accessible only to authorised employees for (1) debugging purposes and (2) investigating patterns of misuse. Account-level administrative controls and filters direct whether Storm data, including PII, is removed prior to transit to the OpenAI Service Partner. The initial OpenAI Service Partner is Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.

StormAI is generally available for current and new customers immediately as a technology preview; users of Stormboard’s free personal plan may apply for waitlist inclusion.

For more information, visit here.

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