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Veritone deploys aiWARE-powered Veritone Redact application for legal, law enforcement sectors

Veritone, Inc., a provider of enterprise AI software and services, has announced deployment of a series of product enhancements to its aiWARE-powered Veritone Redact application for the legal and law enforcement sectors, delivering greater customisation capabilities to enable users to operate with a higher overall degree of efficiency.

Veritone Redact includes a variety of new features, including but not limited to:

  • The freedom to create folders into which customers can organise their files in whichever way best suits their needs or preferences. Users can organise files by project, month, data source and so on.
  • A new-and-improved comments tab leverages a freeform text box in which users can leave notes for other team members, make comments for later, ask for a second opinion on a redaction, and more.
  • An updated filter selection menu as well as the ability to mark items not to redact, is made possible by the introduction of toggle switch-controlled checkboxes that show or hide entire detection categories, such as people’s heads, license plates or manually created redaction areas.

“With the proliferation of unstructured media sources requiring redaction today, from dashboard camera video to closed circuit TV surveillance footage, managing it all has become quite the undertaking,” says Josh Osborne, patrol deputy, Garfield County Sheriff’s office, who participated in a testing programme for new enhancements. “Veritone Redact workflow is so intuitive, not only to redact images, but to keep everything organised in a manner that makes sense, so the customisation really is key. It’s a user-friendly solution that continues to help our law enforcement agency, day in and day out.”

“We understand that each Redact user has their own style, preferences and speed of operating, so these enhancements were expressly designed with customisation in mind,” says Gus Walker, senior director of product management, government, legal and compliance for Veritone. “By consistently putting adaptability, efficiency and user-friendliness at the forefront of our products, we’re able to deliver the optimal user experience to our customers, helping accelerate and improve their interaction with our products.”

Built on Veritone’s proven aiWARE enterprise platform, Veritone Redact enables users to manually define sensitive imagery and objects, including faces and personally identifiable information, then automatically redacts this information from audio and video evidence. From there, the redacted evidence can quickly be downloaded with logs to support chain of custody requirements and shared with colleagues, public defenders, or other key stakeholders. It also enables searches for keywords and phrases captured within the recorded audio and quick redaction of those items. Additionally, Veritone Redact enables public agencies to foster greater trust and transparency by helping law enforcement agencies release public records requests in a timely manner.

Veritone’s aiWARE platform is widely deployed by customers in the media, entertainment, sports, human resources, government and public sectors.

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