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SAP’s vision for future-proofed business in age of AI comes to life

At the SAP Sapphire conference in Orlando, SAP SE unveiled collaborations that equip customers to tackle an uncertain future with confidence. This announcement includes responsible AI built into business solutions, ledger-based accounting for carbon tracking and industry-specific networks to bolster supply chain resilience

With these advances, SAP is helping customers enhance their business models in the cloud, put sustainability at the centre of their operations and boost agility to succeed amid ongoing change.

“In a world of geopolitical tensions, product and skills shortages and new regulations, our customers continue turning to SAP for the solutions they need to solve their most pressing challenges,” says Christian Klein, CEO and member of the executive board of SAP SE. “The innovations we’re announcing at SAP Sapphire build on our heritage of responsibly developed technology and decades of industry and process expertise to ensure our customers’ success today and in the future.” 

AI built for business

At the dawn of a new AI era, SAP is strengthening its commitment to embed AI capabilities across its portfolio to help customers solve business-critical problems in the flow of work.

Customers can use SAP Business AI with confidence because it is built responsibly. SAP is announcing a raft of advancements to SAP Business AI, including solutions that personalise customer engagement, make procurement more productive and expand organisations’ abilities to find and develop critical talent across their entire workforce.

SAP also draws on the strength of its ecosystem to benefit customers. SAP announced the next step in its long-standing partnership with Microsoft. The companies will collaborate on integrating SAP SuccessFactors solutions with Microsoft 365 Copilot and Copilot in Viva Learning as well as with Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service to access language models that analyse and generate natural language. The integrations will enable new experiences designed to improve how organisations attract, retain and skill their people.

Moving toward a green ledger

Fifty years ago, SAP improved financial accounting with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Today, SAP reinvents the “R” in ERP by extending the definition of resources to include carbon.

Amid changing regulatory requirements and rising stakeholder pressure to operate sustainably, enterprises need an accounting system for emissions that is as auditable, transparent and reliable as their financial data accounting. With SAP’s new green ledger initiative, which moves companies from carbon estimates to actual data, companies can manage their green line with as much visibility, accuracy and confidence as their top line and bottom line.

SAP is announcing an update to the SAP Sustainability Footprint Management solution, a single solution that calculates and manages the full range of corporate, value chain and product-level emissions. SAP is also announcing the SAP Sustainability Data Exchange application, a new solution for enterprises to securely exchange standardised sustainability data with partners and suppliers so they can decarbonise supply chains faster.

SAP’s green ledger initiative is planned to become part of the RISE with SAP and GROW with SAP solutions.

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