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Kaufmann selects Nemodata to deliver AI-based maintenance optimisation to fleet customers

Nemodata, a provider of AI-driven maintenance optimisation solutions, and Kaufmann Group, a distributor of Daimler vehicles in Chile, Perú, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica, announced their partnership to enhance fleet operations across Latin America.

By combining Nemodata’s AI technology with Kaufmann’s industry skill and maintenance services, fleet customers will benefit from enhanced maintenance optimisation capabilities.

Nemodata’s AI-based solution employs advanced algorithms to prevent failures, detect anomalies, and optimise maintenance, resulting in reduced downtime and fewer costly repairs. The system generates personalised recommendations for proactive maintenance tailored to each vehicle’s specific needs, while minimising disruptions to fleet operations.

Kaufmann Group complements Nemodata’s solution by providing tailored skill to meet the maintenance requirements of fleet customers in Latin America. Nemodata will be available through the company’s newly redesigned fleet management platform, CoPiloto.

“We are excited to partner with Nemodata to deliver their AI-based maintenance optimisation solution to our fleet customers,” says Carlos De Martini, connectivity services manager of Kaufmann. “This collaboration combines our dealership and maintenance expertise with Nemodata’s cutting-edge technology, empowering our customers to improve fleet maintenance practices, reduce costs, and enhance operational efficiency.”

Uri Keren, VP of business development of Nemodata, adds “We are delighted to collaborate with Kaufmann. Together, we offer a comprehensive solution that combines powerful analytics with industry expertise, enabling fleet managers to make informed decisions and achieve optimal fleet performance through increased uptime and profitability.”

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