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Dock uses FICO fraud prevention technologies to stop fraudulent transactions

London, UK. 22 May 2023 – Dock, a global technological platform for financial services, is using FICO fraud prevention technologies to stop more than US$50 million a month in fraudulent transactions for its clients. The pay-as-you-go solution allows Dock’s clients, including banks, fintechs, and retailers, to intercept fraudulent transactions and protect their operations, while also improving the user experience.

The fraud prevention solution is based on FICO Falcon Fraud Manager and FICO Customer Communication Services (CCS). Dock began implementing Falcon Fraud Manager in 2019 and added CCS in 2020. By using CCS, Dock automates omnichannel communication with its customers to deliver faster communication, resulting in lower operational costs, improved customer loyalty, and significant increases in revenue for its clients. Currently, Dock has 250 clients that use FICO technologies to fight fraud.

“Our customers are seeing a significant improvement in cashflow, due to the reduction in operating costs when transactions are denied due to fraud,” says Armando Junior, director of risk at Dock. “For every one Brazilian Real spent on FICO CCS, our customers save approximately 39 BRL in fraud and authorise 167 BRL in legitimate transactions.”

Detecting fraud in a digital banking boom

Latin America is a high-growth market for financial services and grew significantly over the Covid-19 pandemic, with more than 100 million people in the region adopting digital banking according to industry analysts. This gave scammers a larger audience and new vulnerabilities to exploit.

“At Dock, we’re committed to leveraging the latest technologies to help our clients stay ahead of fraudsters and protect their bottom line,” says Junior. “Every month, we analyse about 400 million transactions and treat more than 1 million cases of suspected fraud. By detecting over USD$50 million in fraud each month, our solution is delivering tangible value to lenders and helping to secure the financial system for all.”

Dock introduced FICO CCS for Fraud in 2020 to combine the speed of fraud prevention with prompt and efficient customer communication.

FICO Falcon Fraud Manager which protects more than 2.6 billion cards worldwide flags the transactions as fraudulent and the customer can inform their lender using FICO CCS when they didn’t perform the transaction.

Digio enhances fraud communication

One of Dock’s customers, a digital bank called Digio, has seen a big improvement in engagement rates since introducing FICO CCS. Previously, when the bank called customers the average response rate was 25%. However, with the implementation of new SMS and email techniques through CCS, the engagement rate has risen to 67%, surpassing the current market average of 40%.

In addition to these metrics, the volume of transactions processed is much higher than the old manual approach, where it would be necessary to have an average of 60 operators handling alerts daily. By using FICO CCS, it’s possible to automate most of the work which was previously done manually and save significant operational costs.

The use of real-time omnichannel transaction confirmation has also delivered a fraud detection rate of 60% for Digio, twice as high as when they first started leveraging FICO CCS.

“The implementation of FICO CCS has significantly boosted the number of fraud cases that Dock is able to prevent for its customers, in conjunction with Falcon Fraud Manager,” says Pablo Morales, FICO’s managing director of global partner and alliances in Latin America. “By leveraging FICO CCS, we can stay ahead of the latest market trends and challenges facing our partners and their customers. This allows us to develop and refine our technology to address specific needs, such as real-time payment fraud in Brazil using the PIX platform. Working closely with Dock, we were able to deliver a solution that provides exceptional value to their customers.”

“Dock’s innovative pay-as-you-go fraud prevention solution, built on FICO technologies, is transforming the way lenders approach fraud detection,” says Nikhil Behl, chief marketing officer at FICO. “By combining advanced analytics with real-time communication, lenders can detect and prevent fraud quickly and effectively, while providing a customer experience.”

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