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LiveEO, Capella Space partner to bring high-speed SAR satellite insights to asset managers

LiveEO, a market provider in Earth observation analytics and solutions for high-value infrastructure and energy asset monitoring, today announced a partnership with Capella Space, a provider of high-resolution synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery.

As the first certified Capella Analytics Partner, LiveEO will integrate all-weather, 24/7 SAR imagery from Capella Space into its advanced analytics platform to change the monitoring of assets, such as railways, buildings, pipelines, and other infrastructure, and will enable timely insights for disaster response.

This collaboration will enhance the LiveEO Rapid Response Insights (RRi) product, enabling informed storm response for infrastructure and utility managers. LiveEO’s Rapid Response Insights can reduce restoration response time to a mere 10 hours, by delivering precise damage locations directly from orbit to maintenance managers, based on Capella SAR data.

As the Earth experiences increasingly frequent and severe storms, RRi is crucial for building climate resilience in our societies. Integrating Capella SAR data into its Vegetation Management (VMi) product, LiveEO will enable its customers to detect and assess changes in vegetation encroachment with advanced artificial intelligence.

By becoming a certified Capella Analytics Partner, LiveEO will have access to a range of programme benefits that can be leveraged to further expand analytical capabilities, increase customer value and accelerate product development. These benefits include open access to Capella’s imagery archive for research and development, and both product and sales collaboration.

“We are excited to have found a partner in Capella Space who shares our vision of automated, scalable end-user applications based on SAR data. An API-first approach, combined with best-in-class SAR imagery, will unlock the potential of SAR to solve problems that seem unsolvable today,” says Daniel Seidel, co-founder and co-CEO of LiveEO.

“We are thrilled to welcome LiveEO as the first certified Capella Analytics Partner to help unlock advanced solutions to respond to the growing severity of disaster events and environmental challenges today,” says Payam Banazadeh, founder and CEO of Capella Space. “This partnership will enable Capella Space and LiveEO to address these challenges head-on with novel, automated solutions.”

The partnership between LiveEO and Capella Space will expand Earth observation capabilities for asset monitoring and disaster response, to improve lives around the world.

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