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Sonata Software launches Harmoni.AI

Samir Dhir of Sonata Software

Sonata Software, a modernisation engineering company, has announced launch of Harmoni.AI. This offers with a bouquet of Industry solutions, service delivery platforms, and accelerators using generative artificial intelligence (AI). 

Generative AI is one of the recent artificial intelligence developments. The trained AI models generate original, human-like content based on training datasets and neural network technology. 

Sonata’s ‘responsible by design’ approach ensures uncompromising ethics, trust, privacy, security, and compliance. It will amplify the potential of humans, enterprises, and communities to tap into the opportunities to create value from connected ecosystems, and pervasive efficiencies.

“We are excited to launch Harmoni.AI, our Play Big move in a responsible-first AI and generative AI space. We are seeing strong interest from our clients in enhancing customer experience, launching new business models, growing revenue, and enhancing productivity. Our responsibility is to help Enterprises leverage the most relevant use cases for their specific business needs within a governed framework. The key to success, therefore, as with any AI, is the guardrails that humans build around them to guarantee secure and trusted outcomes,” says Samir Dhir, MD and CEO of Sonata Software.

Sonata’s Harmoni.AI is a ‘responsible by design’ platform for generative AI. A data governance and acceleration engine backs it with a choice of using LLMs (large language model) and a consulting framework to enable adoption and faster time to market. Sonata has built 6 service delivery platforms, industry use cases, and acceleration BOTs (build operate transfer). It is doing pilots with multiple customers, including Fortune 500 clients, particularly in the areas of healthcare and life sciences, consumer products and retail, telecom, media and technology, and banking and financial Services. 

Sonata has established Harmoni.AI academy, to train engineers on ‘responsible-first by design’ approach and around 20% of its Engineers are involved on AI initiatives to enable clients to leverage the potential of generative AI in a secure, and governed framework.

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