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SAP, Google Cloud enhance open data cloud with productive AI solutions for enterprises

Juergen Mueller of SAP SE

At Google Cloud Next, SAP SE and Google Cloud have announced an expanded partnership to help enterprises harness importance of data and generative AI (artificial intelligence). The companies will combine their integrated open data cloud using SAP Datasphere with Vertex AI. This will release productive AI-powered industry solutions, starting with automotive, and introduce current capabilities to help customers improve sustainability performance.

The recent solutions build on a long-term partnership between SAP and Google Cloud to help enterprise customers accelerate their digital transformations and optimise value from business-critical data. Google Cloud is a vital partner for RISE with SAP and to-date counts many upcoming enterprise companies as joint customers. By integrating generative AI into SAP and Google Cloud’s open data cloud, customers can deploy capable recent solutions that use information from SAP Datasphere and from virtually any other data source to improve business insights, analysis, and decision-making.

The open data cloud integrations between SAP and Google Cloud will provide a clear foundation for AI development that will help deliver expansion for joint customers, beginning with those in automotive and sustainability spaces:

  • Enhancing connectivity and customer experiences within automotive industry: SAP and Google Cloud will release recent solutions that use Google Cloud’s generative AI models via Vertex AI and data from Catena-X, the open data ecosystem supported by SAP for the automotive industry. With Catena-X, automotive companies can securely exchange data about their whole value chains to increase operational performance, enhance customer experiences, and accelerate modernisation. With this recent solution, automotive customers can combine data sets from Catena-X with SAP software data to build and train generative AI models that optimise their work with automobile manufacturers, suppliers, and end-customers. For example, by enabling productive data sharing, generative AI can help identify and mitigate potential vehicle problems before they cause recalls, improve safety through increased knowledge about hazardous road and traffic conditions, and increase product quality by predicting defects better.
  • Increasing enterprise sustainability: SAP and Google Cloud customers can utilise Vertex AI together with SAP Datasphere to create generative AI solutions that accelerate companies’ sustainability programs. The recent AI-powered functionality available soon to SAP customers on Google Cloud will help organisations combine mission-critical business data in SAP Datasphere and SAP Sustainability Control Tower solution with third-party ESG (environmental, social, and governance) data sets and Google Cloud’s capable generative AI models. As a result, businesses will be able to create bespoke sustainability reports, automate AI-powered sustainability alerts throughout supply chain, and enhance decision-making with deeper analyses on environmental impact and financial benefits, among other things.

“Our partnership with Google Cloud is quickly evolving to incorporate generative AI. For this purpose, we utilise our expansive joint data cloud to transform business decision-making and improve productivity, leveraging the potential of SAP Datasphere built on SAP Business Technology Platform. With SAP Business AI, we build systems of intelligence with three core principles: they are relevant, reliable, and responsible. Customers will not only benefit from AI already embedded across our business solutions, but also from a unified, open data foundation and additional AI capabilities from Google Cloud.” says Juergen Mueller, chief technology officer and member of the executive board of SAP SE.

“Google Cloud and SAP will provide joint customers with generative AI capabilities that have a tangible impact on day-to-day work and create real-world value for their businesses. Through our open data and AI partnership with SAP, we will apply generative AI to enable customers to get significantly more value from information stored on SAP systems and third-party datasets, helping companies operate more safely and enterprises run more sustainably.” says Kevin Ichhpurani, corporate vice president of global partner ecosystem and channels, Google Cloud.

As part of this expanded partnership, which includes a productive portfolio of generative AI solutions, SAP and Google Cloud aim to create responsible AI experiences by delivering generative AI solutions for business with high levels of concern for security, privacy, compliance, and ethics. For years, customers have trusted SAP and Google Cloud to build and run capable and trustworthy solutions, including AI that touches their vital data and systems. To learn more about Google Cloud and SAP partnership, attend multiple customer sessions at Google Next.

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