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Findability Sciences, On Purpose Consulting collaborate to deliver social impact solutions in AI

Anand Mahurkar of findability Sciences

Findability Sciences and On Purpose Consulting have formed an alliance in artificial intelligence to deliver social impact solutions across various sectors and geographies.

In development, the alliance brings together Findability Sciences’ AI capabilities and On Purpose’s storytelling abilities and social cause skills for businesses, investors, and consumers alike who are looking for tech-driven solutions to critical societal problems. This includes those outlined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“Our partnership with On Purpose marks a pivotal moment where technology meets humanity to address some of the most pressing challenges of our time. We’re not just bringing algorithms into the equation; we’re bringing the transformative power of AI to unlock opportunities for social impact on an unprecedented scale.” says Anand Mahurkar, founder and CEO, Findability Sciences.

“I’ve always believed that stories have the power to inspire action and bring about meaningful change. Our partnership with Findability Sciences, will create a paradigm shift in how social impact is conceptualised, measured, and achieved.” says Girish Balachandran, founder and managing director, On Purpose.

The application of AI in this context is extensive and varied:

  1. Data-driven plans: AI will analyse large amounts of data to generate insights and recommendations for targeted interventions.
  2. Creative solutions: AI will help design personalised experiences, apps, and platforms that educate and connect users.
  3. Amplifying reach: AI tools will create compelling narratives and visuals that showcase social causes and facilitate dialogue.
  4. Empowering participation: AI can provide access to essential services like information, education, health, and more, especially for marginalised communities.

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