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Deloitte AI Academy builds tailored generative AI curriculum for Deloitte professionals, clients

Michael Luk of Deloitte Consulting LLP

Deloitte has announced an expansion of Deloitte AI (artificial intelligence) Academy to bring tailored generative AI training curriculum to its professionals and clients, reinforcing its dedication to upskill early career professionals and equip them with skills needed for real-world AI and data science projects. On pathway of training up to 10,000 Deloitte practitioners, AI academy is developing curriculum alongside major universities and technology institutes in US and India, including Virginia Tech and Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee.

“The surge in popularity of Generative AI is driving a need for skills in this emerging area. In addition to the theory and the science of AI, we’re offering practical, hands-on experience to help our practitioners understand the context in which AI is applied, how it’s applied and where it’s applied. This expansion is delivered through the Deloitte technology academy, part of Deloitte’s $1.4 billion (€1.30 billion) Project 120 investment in learning and development.” says Mike Luk, managing director and US AI academy dean, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

By teaming with these institutions, academy learners have access to faculty on topic of AI, along with research, innovative ideas, concepts, hands-on exercises and intellectual property, as well as domain and industry knowledge from Deloitte, a combination not readily available elsewhere.

“Virginia Tech is skilled in research AI knowledge adoption, with our faculty and students at the forefront of developing this cutting-edge research. Our collaboration with Deloitte AI Academy allows us to apply our findings to real world business developments and help shape the way Deloitte provides curriculum on this transformative technology,” says Laura Freeman, deputy director, Virginia Tech National Security Institute.

“Our collaboration with Deloitte started with a vision to revolutionise how organisations and academia work together to bridge the AI talent gap and mold our future leaders to be highly proficient in AI. Today, we’ve seen the success of our combined vision to develop curriculum that will digitally empower the global economy, and will continue to grow with the expansion of the AI academy.” says professor Millie Pant, head of department of applied mathematics and scientific computing and joint faculty at Mehta Family School for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, IIT Roorkee.

There is a range of courses, for all levels of professionals, from basic generative AI fluency to deeper technical skills like advanced prompt engineering techniques and fine-tuning, and advance certifications for technical professionals, in collaboration with tech companies to upskill in main priority areas focused on data and technologies. For example, Deloitte offers education on generative AI and other accelerated technologies through a curated selection of courses developed by NVIDIA Training.

Brandon Hall Group recognised Deloitte AI Academy for high quality in competencies and skills development. The academy works in conjunction with Deloitte AI Institute, providing learning and development to complement institute’s focus on supporting positive growth and development of AI through engaged conversations and creative research, inclusive of secured AI framework. Prospective learners and clients can learn more about program by visiting our Deloitte AI Academy website.

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