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BrainChip continues to expand IP portfolio with Australian patent issuance

Sean Hehir of BrainChip

BrainChip Holdings Ltd received a patent from IP Australia. This expands not only its 2nd generation Akida IP, but also BrainChip’s technology portfolio extending its competitive advantage in performing transposed and dilated convolutions in a neural network.

Patent AU 2022203607, “Event-Based Extraction of Features in a Convolutional Spiking Neural Network,” reduces the computational requirements and power consumption of event-based transposed and dilated convolution techniques compared to non-event-based convolutions by requiring a smaller number of even-based neuron circuits. This technology is in the advanced stages of development for integration into the 2nd generation Akida IP, indicating its practical use in hardware.

“Our growing IP portfolio is the result of more than 15 years of AI architecture research and development,” says Sean Hehir, CEO of BrainChip. “As we continue to innovate and improve our technology, we enable our partners to create unprecedented intelligent edge devices and applications. This patent from IP Australia further cements our leadership as the world’s first commercial producer of neuromorphic IP.”

BrainChip’s portfolio now comprises eighteen issued patents (12 US, 4 Australian, 1 European and 1 Chinese). Around thirty patent applications remain pending in the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, India, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, and Israel.

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