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ZapScale debuts upsell prediction model, AI churn to enhance customer success

Manasij Ganguli of ZapScale

ZapScale has announced debut of its recent creation in an advanced AI (artificial intelligence) churn and upsell prediction model. This development is set to change the way SaaS (software-as-a-service) companies approach customer success, by equipping them with predictive insights to tackle churn and optimise upsell opportunities.

In highly competitive SaaS landscape, customer retention and maximising upsell potential are critical to sustained growth. However, identifying when a customer might churn or recognising optimal moments for upselling has long been a challenge. ZapScale’s recently unveiled AI model directly addresses this challenge, allowing SaaS businesses with tools they need to stay ahead.

“At ZapScale, we’ve always been focused on pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve for SaaS businesses. Our new AI churn and upsell prediction model aligns seamlessly with our long-term vision of delivering innovative solutions that drive customer success. By harnessing the power of AI over a comprehensive dataset, we’re enabling our clients to be proactive in retaining customers and unlocking CS qualified leads.” says Manasij Ganguli, founder and CEO of ZapScale.

“With ability to capture and analyse over 150 data points using smooth integrations, ZapScale’s AI model ensures that no critical insights go unnoticed. By utilising AI and leveraging a rich dataset, the model continually improves its predictive accuracy over time, enhancing businesses with actionable insights to engage customers.” says ZapScale.

ZapScale founders would be at SaaStr 2023 in San Francisco from 6th to 8th September.

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