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SmartSimple introduces AI-Powered QuickTag, a solution for enhanced grantee database navigation

Eric Lauer of SmartSimple Software

SmartSimple has introduced SmartSimple Cloud +AI: QuickTag. This feature leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to provide an intuitive way to navigate grantee databases, turning complex data into user-friendly hashtags.

QuickTag modernises way granting organisations manage grantee data by automatically analysing and intelligently tagging each organisation in database. This improvement does more than just enhance navigation, it also amplifies CRM (customer relationship management) capabilities of SmartSimple Cloud, providing streamlined searches, enhanced comparison of organisations, improved data management and increased productivity.

By categorising grantees with intelligent tags and automating previously time-consuming processes, QuickTag empowers grantmakers with a more efficient, organised and strategic approach to grantee coding and database navigation.

“Grantee database navigation has been a longstanding challenge in the sector. With QuickTag, we’re addressing this by providing a tool that bridges gap. It the elevates user experience and enables more strategic decision-making, delivering a solution that empowers granting organisations to do more,” says Eric Lauer, CEO and co-founder of SmartSimple Software.

QuickTag feature brings substantial benefits to grantmakers:

  • Automated tagging: improves CRM functionalities by attributing tags automatically.
  • Searchable tags: Facilitates intuitive searches through relevant, easily searchable tags for each organisation’s profile.
  • Efficient organisation comparison: Simplifies finding similar organisations within database.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Rebuilds organisational attributes into searchable hashtags, offering a dynamic cataloging system.

QuickTag for grants managers

Imagine a grants manager overseeing a diverse and complex database of hundreds of environmental conservation organisations. Navigating through this intricate database to identify organisations focusing on specific areas like marine conservation or forest restoration is often a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. With SmartSimple Cloud +AI’s QuickTag, this process is transformed.

QuickTag’s AI-powered engine automatically analyses database, tagging organisations with relevant hashtags such as #MarineConservation or #ForestRestoration. Now, grants manager can search for these hashtags within system, instantly displaying all related organisations.

This accelerates process of finding and comparing similar grantees, enabling grants manager to make more strategic decisions and engage with relevant organisations efficiently, all thanks to power and simplicity of QuickTag.

Commitment to grants management improvement

QuickTag is part of SmartSimple’s continued improvement in utilising AI technologies. It showcases SmartSimple’s dedication to simplifying complex workflows, enhancing efficiency, and facilitating more impactful operations.

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