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TikaMobile introduces conversational, generative AI solutions to boost productivity of field teams

Manish Sharma of TikaMobile

TikaMobile has introduced conversational and generative AI (artificial intelligence) solutions, supported by ChatGPT that enhances productivity of field teams. The advanced AI solution covers three primary areas, publication analysis, medical insights and engagement analysis. It further covers SOP (standard operating procedure) and field info guidance.

TikaMobile’s novel solution leverages an AI chat module implemented with TikaMSL platform, offering users the flexibility of using it as a standalone solution or integrating it smoothly with existing CRMs (customer relationship management). The publication analysis element of TikaMobile’s solution enables field medical teams to better understand scientific share of voice (SSOV) through systematic comparative analysis of scientific literature. Users can ask questions based on trends, point of view, sentiment, competitive outlook, etc.

TikaMobile’s advanced conversational and generative AI reduces time for field medical teams to research work of their opinion leaders (KOLs) and access critical industry trends for optimised decision making. Through medical insights and engagement analysis, TikaMobile enable teams to answer on demand queries about gathered medical insights, the impact generated by these data, and outlook of KOL engagements. These smart AI capabilities can help create ad-hoc reports for broader use cases beyond field medical teams.

“Medical Affairs is challenged with increasingly difficult-to-manage data and need for fulfilling complex objectives while showcasing the impact. TikaMobile aims to elevate the performance of planning and execution among field medical using generative AI. We see teams using this to gain visibility into unstructured data and converting insights into action,” says Manish Sharma, CEO & Co-founder, TikaMobile.

TikaMobile’s SOP and field info guidance components equip medical field teams with AI-driven FAQ (frequently asked questions) functionality. TikaMobile’s generative AI learns from real world customer SOPs and guidelines, keeping medical teams informed about better approach towards regulating complex activities.

TikaMobile introduced these offerings in response to recent trends in medical affairs and omnichannel marketing, complementing healthcare personnel (HCP) engagement with AI and machine learning precision.

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